Why is Bowling so Expensive ?

Why is Bowling so Expensive? This question adds so many details that need a vast explanation. Bowling requires huge space and separate equipment. The club will provide all the necessary things a bowler will need for bowling. They do not have to bring anything to the club. Also, one has to rent one side of the club for the game.

Moreover, the game is fantastic and fun yet a little complex that requires many materials. One has to add some other things to the process. According to bowler preference, some facts and facilities will increase the expense or decrease the expense. One can have a look below for more information.

Why is Bowling so Expensive?


Bowling is one of the fantastic and easy games one will find. People all over the age love this game because of the killer combination of extreme fun and simplicity. One will not need so many skills to do well in the game. Instead, they can enjoy with a little bit of body movement and strength.

However, there is still a big concern that hunts the people, which is the high expense of the game. One has to pay healthy money to enjoy the game, even for one hour. Because the game is simple yet needs so many accessories to play the game. One usually does not bring those accessories from home. They need to rent those in the club along with the other stuff. But if one compares the game with other expensive sports like golf or hockey, the cost will seem nothing.

If one counts the expense of the bowling from the beginning, the expense of dress will be counted. Because wearing regular clothes at the bowling will make the person look funny. One should wear a dress that suits the environment. People have to wear bowling outfits in the game. That outfit will cost 100$ or more together. After that, the expense will add on according to the bowler’s preference.

Bowling Alleys


One may see the shiny and well-surfaced bowling alley on which the bowler plays their game. When one enters the club, there will be a desk to book all the necessary things. After that, the person will walk inside the alley where they will see the lane. Some of the clubs have other items in the alley like a food and drink station and other games like a video game.

If the alley is premium, one may need to spend extra bucks on renting it. Besides, the diehard fan of bowling loves the vintage bowling style, not the premium. This expense will depend on the preference of the bowler.

Bowling Lanes

The time one is bowling in the alley, they are going to use a great deal of space in the alley only for themselves. During the time they are playing, no other person can use it. One will rent a specific part of the alley only for themselves, so the rent will be high.

It will count in time or game. Some people are fast in their game. Some are not. If they are fast, they will require less time to end the game, and the rent will be lower. If they are in slow-pitch, they will need much time means more rent. So, they will watch out for the time and charge the player according to the time they have taken.

Most of the alley gives a time alert for how long one can use the lane. However, most alleys do not rush because they will charge for every second the player will take to finish their game. Besides, one has to think about the other cost they will have along with renting the lane. For example, lightning, sitting, and the arrangement of the pins, all of those things will charge a price from the player.

Necessary Equipment


The first thing one has to rent for the day is bowling shoes. Because the bowling surface is too shiny and oily, one cannot wear regular shoes. They have to buy shoes dedicated to bowling. Most people do not own one, so they rent from the club. Also, those shoes will prevent damaging the floor by making sure that the ball is rolled enough. Things will start adding up from this point. In some cases, people even have to rent the perfect bowling ball.

These are the basic expenses one will face. Moreover, some other costs like food and drink expense may add. Because one may want to eat or drink something in between the game. Overall, one can increase or decrease the expense one wants.

What is bowling?


Bowling is one of the oldest games in history that have been in this world for thousands of years. With time people have changed the name and rules of the game. After the change, it gets in recent time people also call it ten pins game. Playing this game is knocking out several pins using a heavy ball.

One has to roll the ball on an oily wooden surface towards the pins and knock out as many pins as possible. Of course, the player will aim to knock more pins than the opponent.

What is Pin in Bowling?


Pin in bowling is one of the significant equipment. One may see the white bottled size something at the end of the lane that the players knock out using a heavy ball. Those white things over the lane are the pins players need to knockdown.

Some expert manufacturers manufacture those pins using a particular type of material. They constructed those gluing blocks of rock maple wood into the approximate size the game will need. After shaping the wood, they resurface the pin with a glossy element for an elegant look. The shape of the pin can be any but equal.

What is a Ball in bowling?


Bowling Balls are those used in the bowling sport to knock out the bowling pins situated in a selected distance. Usually, bowling balls are made of four different types of cover stocks materials. Those are reactive resin, particle, plastic, and urethane. The difference among those materials is how they react or perform in the lane surface when they throw to knock out the pins.

The bowling balls are slightly larger than the candlepin balls. They are heavy with a good amount of balance. The balls have three-hole for the fingers to hold and throw the ball.

What will be better renting for per hour or renting for per game in bowling?


Well, this is a debating question to answer. If one is getting confused that they should rent the bowling club per game or hour, they should consider some issues. Mainly the number of players in their group. If the group have four or more player, then it will be perfect if they rent the club per hour.

If it’s only one or two-player then per game will be the best. However, if the club is for bowling and party, then it will require to rent the club for half of the day or night. It will be a personal preference. However, one does not have to rent the club for hours for a two-player team. One can rent the club per game.



Hopefully, one already has the answer to why bowling is so expensive after reading the total discussion. Bowling is a fun, fantastic, and easy game in every way. One will find it fascinating once they are deep into the game. Nothing can stop them from having the bowling experience every week. However, some people are concerned about the expense they need to bear. Because at a point, the expense of bowling seems too high.

If one looks closely, the expense is not too much. However, they can cut down the expense by having fewer facilities. The things of the expense will be in the hands of the bowler.

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