Which is Harder Softball or Baseball

Initially or in some phases, softball and baseball are almost similar. That’s the reason people always have the query of the difference between the two. Mainly the question of which is harder softball or baseball rise into people or the players. Because these two sports seem to have everything similar form fields to rules. So it’s quite hard to find the meaning of why they are two different games.

However, people sometimes conclude that baseball is harder than softball because of the gaming style of baseball. But the surprising and fun fact that softball is harder than baseball is scientifically proven. Let’s know more about why.

Which is Harder, Softball or Baseball?


Generally, one will say that baseball is harder than softball because the name of the softball is softball. It’s valid thinking but funny. Because the country Iceland is full of green while the country Greenland is always under the ice. So why softball cannot be a hard one. Yeah, it’s a funny example but valid.

Another thing people believe is that since softball is bigger than baseball, then it must be the bigger one. It is not necessary that a bigger one must have to be the harder one. Then why football is not harder than a cricket ball. Football is a least ten times bigger than the cricket ball.

The real fact is so much more than people think it is. In simple words, softball is the harder one, and baseball is the softer one. Ignoring all the myths of the people, there is so much scientific reasoning behind the softball being the hard one. Those are,

Pitching Distance


The pitching distance is a significant element that is responsible for the hardness of softball and baseball. The pitcher’s mount distance is not the same for both games. In baseball, the distance is 60 feet. In comparison, the distance is 43 feet for softball.

So if we think scientifically, the softer and smaller one will cross more distance than the heavier and bigger one. Therefore, in baseball, is pitching distance is higher than in softball. So that makes so much sense.

Here are the weight and sizes for both baseball and softball:

Baseball (weight and circumstances): 5-5.25oz  or (142g-149g) and 9-9.25″ or (22.8-23.5cm)

Softball (weight and circumstances): 6.25-7ozor  (177-198g) and 12″ or (30.5cm)

Now, think which ball will be easier to pick, hold and throw. Of course the baseball, because of the small circumstances as well as weight, so one can throw the ball to a longer distance comparedto the softball.

Pitching Speed


With the pitching distance, the pitching speed is another matter that reflects the softball being the harder one, not the baseball. As for the softball, the pitching speed is between 60 mph to 75 mph. But for baseball, the pitching speed is between 85 mph to 105 mph which is higher than the softball.

So the thing is if the baseball was the hard one, the catcher who will catch the throw would hurt themselves. Because catching a hard object at high speed is deadly. That’s put more sense into the confusion.

Pitching Style


No need to amuse that the pitching styles of baseball and softball are different. Though one will find so many similarities, they are different. In softball, the player has to throw the ball hard with an upward trajectory and some backspin. That will not be a possible task if the ball is a soft one. This is vice versa or both the game.



From the above discussion, one may already get an idea of how batting is related to the topic. The pitching distance, speed, and style all are related to the batting. Those are the reason that in softball batting, one will need the harder ball. On the contrary, baseball needs the softer one.

Reaction to the Ball


The reaction time is probably the main reason and most logical explanation why softball is the harder one—adding the pitching speed and distance we discussed above. We can conclude that softball gives a less reaction time than baseball. That’s why a harder ball will do the job perfectly for softball.

Some other factors in the game softball and baseball determine and defend the fact that softball is the hard one. On the other hand, baseball is the soft one. Let’s see a table of the measurement of all the facts to be clearer about it.

Fact Softball Baseball
Pitching distance 43ft 60ft
Pitching speed 60-75mph 85-105mph
Pitching style Low to high motion High to low motion
Batting speed 60-80mph 70-90mph
Base distance 60ft 90ft
Infield size 7,200ft 16,700ft
Overall reaction time Less time More time
Overall distances Shorter Longer
Game length Seven innings (shorter) Nine innings (longer)


Looking at the table, one will know that every fact in the game is higher for baseball. Imagine throwing a hard, bigger, and heavier ball to long-distance, catching it with high speed, and playing the game for a long time with the ball. Painful, is not it?



Hopefully, one gets a clear idea of the question, which is harder softball or baseball. Both the games share so many similarities, yet they have so many things that differentiate them. Those differences are the reason that both the game named and played differently. The ball is one of the facts that both share different features.

The ball used in the softball is the harder one, and the baseball uses the softer one. That’s it because of some of the important fat in both of the games.


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