What is the Pool Scratch Rules

What is the Pool Scratch Rules

What is the Pool Scratch Rules , Pool is an international game that involve so many rules to serve the fair game for every player. So the question might arise what is the pool scratch rules? Yes that’s true, if the player hit a scratch that means if the ball go straight to the pocket involves a bunch of rules. Possibly, as a beginner many people do not know the rules but they should know.

To do better and level up in the game one have to know all about the game, including the scratch rules. Knowledge of every little things about pool will enhance the experience to another level.

What is Pool Game?

Pool is one type of cue game. This game have several part that involves several rules and way to play. Whatever the name and way one have to play this game on a pool table which have 6 pockets. The game involves cue and pool ball to play it. Pool can have different name according to some specific way and the number of ball used in the game. 

What is Scratch in Pool Game?

A scratch is a special situation in pool game. Specifically, scratch is a negative shoot in the game. If one shot a ball and it isn’t legally or not obeying the rule get the pocket, it is a scratch shot. In the game, there are plenty of reason and situation that the scratch happen. But all of them bring a negative point to the player. Many advanced player also get scratch in their game. So is not uncommon but very much common.

What is the Pool Scratch Rules

People who have played pool at least for once have faced the scratch of the game. Because it’s a common phenomenon, even the advanced player sometime get a scratch. So, for the beginner it’s a regular thing. One must know the feeling when the ball goes straight to the pockets that break the pool rules. That’s a scratch which will ruin the game of the player.

A scratch may involve different rules. That’s why one must know all type of scratch, how they occurs and their rules. Firstly the occurrences of the scratch in pool are,

Failure to Hit an Object Ball

A scratch occurs in the pool table when a player hit the cue ball towards the object ball but failed. That means the cue ball must hit the object balls. The ball can still hit the cushion but still according to rule it will considered as a scratch, if it does not develop a contact with the object ball

Failure to Contact the Cushion

Another scratch in pool occurs when the players shoot but fails to drive the legal object to the cushion or the pocket. In this case, if the player strikes the cue ball which will strike an object ball, that time the object ball must travel to cushion or to any of the pocket. This will make the shoot legal otherwise the shot will become illegal and considered to be a scratch

After knowing the cause and occurrence of the scratch in the pool game, one must know the type of scratch can happen here. Then they must know the rules of the scratch according to the type.  So, the scratches in pool are,

Break Scratch : The break scratch happen when any pocket balls remain pocketed. That time the offending players lose the turn and the opposing player get the chance to shot. In this time player can hit the ball from anywhere behind the head string of the table. That time the table remains open and the shot is limited to the object ball.

Gameplay Scratch : While the cue ball fly of the table in response to a shot, it considered to be a gameplay scratch. It can be happen when the cue ball comes into contact with an object ball in a full pocket.

Table Scratch : Table scratch happen when someone try to hit the object ball with the cue ball but fails. One have to ensure that the cue ball must touch any objet ball to avoid the scratch.

8 Ball Scratch : This scratch happens in the 8 ball shots. If they hit the 8 ball and fails to pocket it than it’s an 8 ball scratch. Than the opposing player take over the round.

Now, it’s time to know the rules of the scratch of the pool game. According to the type of the scratch, the rules can vary. That’s why one must read every rules properly and understand what they mean.

Break Scratch Rules : If a player somehow got the break scratch in the game, there is only a common result of this. As a response the opposing player gets the cue ball in hand anywhere behind the head string. During the break any object balls in pocket will still be in the pocket and the table will be open to the player.

However, in some unofficial game, they do not count it as a scratch just an automatic loos. But it does not happen in the professional game. What is the Pool Scratch Rules .

Gameplay Scratch Rules : This scratch happen from a player who pocket a cue ball. That time two possible outcome can happen as a result of the scratch or the foul. Firstly, the offending player can the liberty to have a ball in hand shot in anywhere in the table. The opponent can place the ball anywhere they want. Sometime it used as a trick to hinder the game of the players and make them get a bad score.

Secondly, the result of the scratch is the opposing player shooting from anywhere behind the head string. That means no matter which pocket the cue ball is, the player can only take the ball in hand from behind the head string.

Table Scratch Rules : This type of scratch in the poll game is the less common scratch. It is the rarest one. Not every area of the game have this one. However, the result of this scratch is most common as the regular pocket cue ball scratch. So, depending on the rules of the particular game, one can have two possible outcomes.

First one is the ball in hand behind the head string and the second one is ball in hand anywhere on the table. Whichever the player decided to choose will go for it.

8 Ball Scratch Rules : In every version of 8 ball pool game one will have this scratch. It is the most losing scratch one can have in the game. Having this scratch means one have lose the game already. In the offending players forfeits the game of the opponent and the game is over.

Final World

So, one is already know that what is the Pool Scratch Rules. Reading this article will enhance the knowledge of the player in the game. One have to know the rules and regulation of the game to do well. Playing this game without having the knowledge of scratch and the consequence of the scratch will lead the player in a shameful situation.

Hopefully, this article is informative enough to help the seeker. Now the player can play the game with the required knowledge. What is the Pool Scratch Rules .

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