What Does Side-Out Mean in Volleyball?

What does side out mean in Volleyball? It is one of the headaches of the people who have just joined the game. People have to know all the essential terms of the game. The term side-out is one of the critical terms players have to understand correctly. Because it is something that happens almost frequently in the game. To speak out that side out, one has to know how it occurs.

To understand the term side out, people need to understand some other factors. But, yes, it’s true. In Volleyball, a single term is influenced by some other term, and they are linked. Let’s have a look below to know all the details.

What Does Side-Out Mean in Volleyball?

To start with, Volleyball is one of the most popular games in America also in some other countries of the world. People of every age love to play and watch the game. Mainly, on the beach, it is a familiar game people play to enjoy their time with friends and family. However, in that type of game, people strictly follow all the rules. The reason is apparent, but in the official game, people need to follow all the rules and regulations.

It is valid for high school and college tournaments too. Because all the players we saw in the professional game mostly came out in that position from the junior or senior high competition. They got training from the very beginning when they were a kid. So, a toddler always asks the most straightforward question. Mainly, those questions are the simplest term or phrases, or even the most specific rule they do not find or understand.

One of those queries of there is the side out. This phrase is a significant part of the game. Also, this term is the easiest one in the game that people need to know. If we answer the question in simple words, the side out occurs when the team who serve makes a mistake while doing or place the ball on the wrong side of the opponent team.

Specifically, the service team does not win the Rally and gets no point. The server team hit the ball wrongly and placed the ball in misplace on the opponent team. If it happens, the opponent team will get the opportunity of serving, and they will earn a point.

For example, let’s imagine a scenario, in a tournament, there are two teams is fighting with each other. Let’s imagine that team A is playing against team B. now. The referee will decide who will serve following the rules. Let’s imagine that team A will serve.

While the player of the serving team serves, the ball hits it in the out of the boundary of the opponent team or any wrong place. Another scenario is when the serving team misses the defending hit of team B, and they lose the serving right to team B.

Resulting, team B will earn a point and get the right of serving first. If one is still confused, they must look for other terms like Rally, set, and below. That term is interlinked with the term side out. So, getting an idea about those points will help understand this point clearly.

What does the term Volleyball stand for?        

Specifically, Volleyball is one kind of game with many rules and regulations. In this game, two teams fight to win in indoor or outdoor. So, there are no exact rules that it has to be indoor or outdoor. The organizer can organize the game anywhere; just need to arrange enough place.

 Two teams of at least six players play with a ball sized like a football in the game. But the material and other things are pretty different from football. Teams have to hit the ball with their hand over a high net. Following some rules, the team will get points. At the end of the game, a team will win according to the highest.

How is the word Rally related to Volleyball?

In Volleyball, a rally is some action that places once the ball is in play mode where both teams compete to earn a point. When the serving teams start the game, that time the rally start, and teams begin moving the ball from one side to another. After that, the referee will allow three people in the opposite team to return the attack

 once the ball is across the net.

So, the way Rally can complete, there is a different way. Usually, the Rally will end when the ball contacts the ground or when the player misses the hit.

How long is a rally in Volleyball?

One already knows the definition and other details of the Rally. However, people sometimes still feel confused about the run time of the Rally in Volleyball. So, the runtime of the Rally in the game can be 1 second long or minutes long. The time will depend on the performance of the team member. They can run the Rally for a longer or shorter time.

How long is a rally in professional Volleyball?

Now we are talking about professional Volleyball with a bunch of highly experienced players. If one knows what is and how players play, one will see the runtime of the professional Rally. One of the most extended rallies in history is made of the male professional team. The average longest Rally the men's team played was more than 40 seconds. Sometimes, the time becomes more. Below, we have illustrated a table of the average time for more clarifications.




Average Rally

5,51 seconds

7,25 seconds

Average Rally without pseudo-rallies

6,9 seconds

8,25 seconds

What does Rally Scoring mean in Volleyball?

Rally scoring was not always there with the side outscoring. It comes to light after sometimes. As soon as players start practicing the rally scoring, the side out becomes wholly wiped out by this. Mainly, at the competitive level, players concentrate more and more on the rally scoring.

Amazingly, the rally scoring system will allow the teams to earn pointseven if they do not serve the ball. Specifically, in rally scoring team will get the moment when they touch the ball more than three times consecutively by the same team. Also, it includes the ball that ends up in the net by the opponent team, hits the ground on the opposite side, or lands out of the bounds.

Therefore, it is easy to score by the rally scoring system, and people find it more accessible and practical to score. That's the reason players try to practice this term the most.

Who serves first in Volleyball?

The team that wins the Rally serves the first shot. The referee will decide which team will help first. So, one member from the selected team will do the job. First, the player needs to go behind the end line or resting line for serving the ball. Then, the player will hit the ball over the high net to the opposite side.

Is there any specific number of sides out in Volleyball?

So, the side out was serving the ball and made a mistake and gave the opposing team a point and the Rally. So, it's a demerit of the team who help and merit of the team who defend the serve. As for whether there is any specific number of side out is No.

However, the chances of side out will depend on the number of set and rally players will have in one game. For this, one needs to know about the sets of the game. Also, the number of sets of the game.

What does the term Sets indicate in Volleyball?

One of the standards and most used terms in Volleyball is set. One may hear that the game is 3 out of 5 sets or 2 out of 3 set long. So, the term set is one of the basic skills which is all in all related to the game. Simply, set means setting in Volleyball. If we elaborate, a set is setting up the ball or beginning the game. Initially, a player called the setter of the serving team will set the ball.

Then the opponent team will carry the hitting to carry out the attack. One can say they will defend the set of the server.

How many stets are in Volleyball affects the number of sides out?

In Volleyball, the number of sets will depend. Mainly, one will face 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5 sets in the game. However, the game has three most common sets, which are 2 out of 3, 3 out of 5, and best out of 2. So, the game's length will be different in each type of set. Let's have a detailed look,

2 out of 3

In 2 out of 3 games, a team needs to win two sets. Initially, one will have to play for 25 points in the first two sets. After that, 15 points are required to win the 3rd set of the game. This format is the most common in the volleyball game history. One of the reasons behind its popularity is the long competition that offers more opportunities for each team. It will provide the chance to explore the game's strategy and adopt the gaming style of the opponent team. So, the units can get three sides out, and the number can be more or less.

3 out of 5

In 3 out of 5 games, a team needs to win three sets. Initially, one will have to play for 25 points in the first four sets. After that, 15 points are required to win the 3rd set of the game. This format is the most common in professional volleyball game history. Also, some of the high school volleyball use this format.

Like the first set, one of the reasons behind its popularity is the long competition that offers more opportunities for each team. It will provide the chance to explore the game's strategy and adopt the gaming style of the opponent team. So, the units can get four sides out, and the number can be more or less.

Best Out of 2

This best out 2 is something different from the other game sets. A team has to win two sets if they want to win the game. Usually, this set ends at one or sometimes 2-0 but not more than this. Sometimes the team becomes the same at last, and the match pronounces a draw.

People use this format when they do not have much time. Also, if the game organizer faces some issue managing time, the teams can get two sides out, and the number can be more or less.


What Does Side out Mean in Volleyball is not something to understand in a word or sentence. Because this single term is related to some other important terms and rules of the game. One has to go deep down into the game to understand the meaning of side out. One will need patience and intention to learn the other terms.

Hopefully, this article has illustrated enough information for anyone, even with zero knowledge of Volleyball, to understand all about side out. Learning more about the game will make one expert of the rules before starting the game for real.

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