What Does Pie Mean in Basketball?

What does Pie mean in basketball? It is one of the most popular games that involve so much terminology and rules. One may have known the game from the deep of their heart but have little idea about the terms and regulations of the game. It will be hard for them to understand and enjoy the game properly. One of the most straightforward terms is Pie that says so much about the game.

Mainly, this term explains everything about a team and its player. One will know about the capability and the performance of the group by this term. To know more, one may look below for more information.

What Does Pie Mean in Basketball?

Firstly, basketball is one of the most popular games in America and in some other countries. People of every age love to play and watch the game. Mainly, on the beach, it is a common game people play to enjoy their time with friends and family. However, in that type of game, people do not follow all the rules strictly. The reason is clear, but in the official game, people need to follow all the rules and regulations.

It is true for high school and college tournaments too. Because all the players we saw in the professional tournament mostly came out in that position from the junior or senior high competition. They got training from the very beginning when they were a kid. So, a toddler always asks the most straightforward question. Mainly, those questions are the simplest term or phrases, or even the simplest rule they do not find or understand.

As for the term, Pie in basketball means Player Impact Estimate. In simple terms, it is a metric to gauge the all-around contribution or performance of the player towards its team. It is a statistical term that involves other terms like this to calculate the overall performance of the players and the teams.

Using the term or the score of the term, one can determine the qualification and performance of the player. For instance, if a player has PIF>10%, that means the player is a player of getter than average. It indicates that this player is better than average and performed wellon the court.

What is basketball?

Basketball is a type of game that requires two-team of 12 players to play game. The basketballs players play this game on a rectangular-shaped court. The game's primary objective is to shoot the ball into the hook. Both the indoor and outdoor basketball rules are almost the same. The difference is that the indoor basketball is in the indoor basketball court, and the outdoor basketball is in the outdoor basketball court. The balls used in these two courts are different because of the materials of the court and other things.

What is the difference between Indoor Basketball and Outdoor Basketball?

Indoor basketball

Outdoor basketball

  • The indoor basketballs are made of leather.
  • It cannot survive the rough surface.
  • The ball is not slippery.
  • The ball will feel soft and smoother.
  • Have a good amount of lifespan compared to outdoor basketballs.
  • Less expensive and affordable.
  • The outdoor basketballs are made of rubber.
  • Don’t give a good performance on the smooth surface.
  • The ball is slippery.
  • The ball will feel heavier and harder.
  • The lifespan of outdoor basketball has less lifespan compared to indoor basketball.
  • Expensive compared to the indoor balls but affordable.
  • What is the most common injury that occurs in basketball?

    Well, basketball is a fun game but not free from danger. Players keep hurting themselves while playing the game. Mainly, they get an injury because of the oily surface of the court and unexpected hits from other players. The cause and scenario can be anything, and the level of damage can be so high to low. So, the injuries are,

    Ankle injury

    The most common injury in basketball is the ankle injury. Because the ankle and the feet of the player is the most active part of the game that involves jumping and running, which are the most common activity of basketball. The body parts of the player did so much and got injured mostly.

    Hip Injury

    If one ever played basketball or saw a game, they will know that basketball is about moving every part of the body. This game involves so much stress on every joint and muscle of the body. However, the human body has a threshold level. It can only hold a certain level after getting broken down. In basketball, hip injury is one of the ways the body says stop for now.

    Some of the common actions of hip injury are pivoting and rebounding. Unfortunately, those actions left enormous strain and pain to the player's hips and things.

    Knee Injuries

    Heavy pressure and unusual movement in the game can cause knee injury to the player. While playing basketball, the players must not put so much unusual and unbearable strain on their knees. They must play the game decently and properly. They must remember every time they run, jump, walk, or move. They are adding pressure to their knees.


    What Does Pie Mean in Basketball? This question may have a great illusion to the people having less knowledge. However, this is not something too complicated to understand. It is just because people have extremely low knowledge, and they may do not find the proper way to enrich their knowledge. Moreover, it’s not so hard to find the required knowledge of anything in this era.

    In this article, we have tried our best to illustrate every possible knowledge of PIE. Hopefully, people seeking the meaning of this term get all the information to understand it.

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