What Does DNP Mean in Basketball

What Does DNP Mean in Basketball? It is one of the difficult questions to answer based on basketball. Basketball is a game people of all ages enjoy watching, but they forget it is as complicated as it's fun. One has to learn so many complex rules by practicing those. Even some of the rules are too confusing. They involve so much uncertainty that blows people's minds.

Moreover, it takes months to learn those rules and detect those rules in the game for real like DNP. The term DNP is one of the terms people find in the game extremely complicated. Let’s describe the term in detail to overcome the confusion.

What Does DNP Mean in Basketball

To start with, basketball is one of the most popular games in America and some other countries. People of every age love to play and watch the game. Mainly, on the beach, it is an ordinary game people play to enjoy their time with friends and family. However, in that type of game, people strictly follow all the rules. The reason is apparent, but in the official game, people need to follow all the rules and regulations.

It is valid for high school and college tournaments too. Because all the players we saw in the professional game mostly came out in that position from the junior or senior high competition. They got training from the very beginning when they were a kid. So, a toddler always asks the most straightforward question. Mainly, those questions are the simplest term or phrases, or even the most straightforward rule they do not find or understand.

One of those queries there is the Dnp. This phrase is a significant part of the game. Also, this term is the easiest one in the game that people need to know. If we answer the question in simple words, the word Dnp means “Did Not Play," which refers to any of the team players who did not play during the match.

One may have more confusion about what can be the reason for the player not playing in the match. Well, the reason for not playing can be different. As we know, a game involves so many scenarios, happening and unhappening. Those may cause something that a player in the match did not get the chance to play.

Moreover, on the screen, one may see an indicator beside the player name, which is “ Dnp-CP," which means the player did not play on the coach's decision. However, there can be so many reasons for a player being Dnp in basketball. Let’s know more,

One of the common facts of Dnp is that any player sits on the bench almost all the time of the match. One has to keep in mind that an official basketball tournament has 12 players. Each of the players has specific responsibilities in the game, those are,

  • Point guard
  • Shooting guard
  • Small forward
  • Power forward
  • Center

They will be on the ground for the game, and the other player will be on the bench waiting for their turn. At some point in the game, the coach will replace the players on the court with the players on the ground following the basketball rules. So, the term Dnp refers to that player who left the match early or did not leave the bench for the game.

For example, let's imagine a scenario of an official tournament where team A and B is playing against each other. During the match, the team's center player was great and id an excellent performance from start to end. So, there is no reason to replace him with the center player of the bench. Therefore, the coach did not replace him with the center player waiting on the court, and he became Dnp.

Also, in team B, the coach removes their center player within a couple of minutes of the game because of some reason with the center player on the bench. That means the player gets removed from the ground within this little time becomes a Dnp. The reason may be that the player gets injured somehow and is not playing further. But, most of the time, a Dnp occurs to a player because of injury, if a player did the great and left no opportunity for the other player.

What is basketball?

Basketball is a type of game that requires two-team of 12 players to playgame. The basketballs players play this game on a rectangular-shaped court. The game's primary objective is to shoot the ball into the hook. Both the indoor and outdoor basketball rules are almost the same. The difference is that the indoor basketball is in the indoor basketball court, and the outdoor basketball is in the outdoor basketball court. The balls used in these two courts are different because of the materials of the court and other things.

What is the most common injury that occurs Dnp in basketball?

Well, basketball is a fun game but not free from danger. Players keep hurting themselves while playing the game. Mainly, they get an injury because of the oily surface of the court and unexpected hits from other players. The cause and scenario can be anything, and the level of damage can be so high to low. So, the wounds of basketballs that can cause DNP are,

Ankle injury

The most common injury in basketball is the ankle injury. Because the ankle and the feet of the player is the most active part of the game that involves jumping and running, which are the most common activity of basketball. The body parts of the player did so much and got primarily injured.

Feet or ankle injuries are the worst injuries that make the player say bye to the game. So it becomes why the player cannot play for months and make him a DNP. Also, get injured initially and did not play for the entire match.

Hip Injury

If one ever played basketball or saw a game, they will know that basketball is about moving every part of the body. This is because this game involves so much stress on every joint and muscle of the body. However, the human body has a threshold level. It can only hold a certain level after gettingbroken down. In basketball, hip injury is one of the ways the body says stop for now.

Some of the common actions of hip injury are pivoting and rebounding. Those actions left enormous strain and pain to the player’s hips and things. They are the worst injuries in the game that make the player say bye to the game. So, it becomes why the player cannot play for months and make him a DNP. Also, get injured initially and did not play for the entire match.

Knee Injuries

Heavy pressure and unusual movement in the game can cause knee injury to the player. While playing basketball, the players must not put so much unusual and unbearable strain on their knees. They must play the game decently and adequately. Every time they run, jump, walk, or move, they have to remember. They are adding pressure to their knees, being the most common injuries that make the player say bye to the game. So, it becomes why the player cannot play for months and make him a DNP. Also, get injured initially and did not play for the entire match.


What Does Dnp Mean in Basketball? It is something to understand in a word or sentence. Because this single term is not related to any other complicated things but the basic one of the games. One has to know the must thing of the game to understand the meaning of Dnp. Most of the thing is the basketball injury and somewhat the reason for suspension.

Hopefully, this article has illustrated enough information for anyone, even with zero knowledge of basketball to understand all about Dnp.

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