What are Airsoft Patches

What are Airsoft Patches

What are Airsoft Patches If you are an airsoft player or lover, you will notice that players usually use some logo in their vest or hand. These are called Airsoft patches. The reason behind using this thing is to understand the team players and opponent players. However, not only invest, users can use this item in any place they want.

In this article, we are going to talk about Airsoft patches types and their color combinations. We will talk about this thing in detail.

So let us go to the article and talk about this thing briefly.

What Are Patches

Patches mean logo or something like that which other teams or oppositions will define. It is used to separate two teams from each other. By watching this thing, players can recognize their allies or enemies.

This is why in the game of airsoft, players use patches.

How to add patches

There are several ways available by which users can easily add patches. One of the most famous ways of adding patches to the player is to stick the patches whenever users want. As we, all know most of the patches are created with Velcro. For this, users can easily attach it anywhere they want, like in their helmet, shoulder, uniform, or bags. Nevertheless, the most exciting part is that users can remove it any time they want.

On the other hand, users can sew the patches. However, the fact it is the permanent solution. Because it is hard to remove things like that easily.

Also, the thing is easy to wash when patches are not sewed.

Types of Patches

There are various kinds of patches available around us, and all of them are created for various companies. Also, there are some free patches available that anyone can use. Most of the patches are created with picture guns, bullets, animals, tattoos, stickers, etc.

These kinds of patches are created because of many reasons.

On the other hand, users can make their patches with a preferable design. Now a day's most airsoft players or teams create their patches. These patches show their team identity in front of others players or teams.

Processing of Getting Patches

There is an exciting way of getting patches. Most those who want to get custom patches need to go through a process for getting that.

We are going to talk about some critical processing now, which is necessary for every company available. Here they are:

At first, users need to fillip this information perfectly.

  • Name.
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Patch Dimensions
  • Backing
  • Quantity
  • Quality
  • Design and Graphics

Some websites are available that take order of custom patches and are created with excellent efficiency. Here they are:

1.OMLpatches: OMLpatches is one of the leading companies for creating patches. Users can order whatever they want to and give premium quality products very quickly.

2.TheStudio: The studio is a great store for giving custom patches with customer satisfaction.

3.Netropacthes: Another company those have an excellent reputation for creating good products at low prices.

Is this Possible to wear authentic military patches

What are Airsoft Patches , It is allowed to wear military patches during airsoft sniper gun games. The reason behind it is that players can respect the military of the country for their outstanding dedication and sacrifices by using these patches.

However, it is not the same at every place. Some countries do not allow them to do that because they think it means disrespecting their military.

Airsoft patch cost

Costing of airsoft patches depended on various reasons. First, if users want to order a standard patch, they have to spend at least 8 to 11 dollars. However, if it is a custom patch, users need to spend money according to their choice because costs depend on design, color, and size.

Size Measurements

There are no actual size measurements available for patches. Users can use any size they want. It depends on the team or player's choice.

Is there any particular kind of Velcro needed for patches

Actuality, the answer is no. Any kind of Velcro or we can hook, and loop is perfect for patches. Most of the patches use the Velcro process, and for that reason, there is no restriction on it.

Things to consider before buying patches’

Users need to consider many things before buying patches. First, they need things which are good in this product and after that; they need to think about the wrong things. Therefore, we have made a list of considerations and avoid. Here they are:


1.Durability: First of all, users need to check the durability of the patch whether it can use for a long time.

2.Quality: The quality of the product also needs to check before buying this item.

3.Brand: The brand of the product is also an essential thing users need to check.

4.Price: At last, users need to check the product's price whether it is worthy or not.


Oversize: Users need to avoid the oversize of the product because it creates unnecessary problems.

Is it worth using Airsoft patches

Yes. It is worthy of airsoft patches because it helps users understand the team game and gives them extra motivation to play the game perfectly.

Also, by using army patches, users can give tribute to the army persons.

Last words

In the end, we can say that patches are not mandatory for airsoft games, but it is becoming a culture nowadays. Therefore, we tried to add all the information we know a thing in this article, and we hope that users will be delighted by our article. Furthermore, it will help them shortly What are Airsoft Patches. 

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