Penny Vs Nickel Board

Penny vs. nickel board is a complicated and argumentative question. Not everyone knows that both Penny and Nickle are two versions of the classic board. Firstly, the penny came to the market, and then the nickel came as a sibling of a penny. As like the real siblings, both the board shares so many similarities. However, the difference between them is pretty noticeable.

One will never find an individual board that will have all the benefits. One must decide the need they cannot compromise before selecting the best commission. Therefore, it is valid for penny boards and nickel boards. Have a look below to know more.

What is Penny board?


One may have a query about the penny board because they may not know its details. So, the penny board is a classic skateboard with decks. It is made with high-quality plastic material for a strong body. Since one will give the whole body load in it, taking the pressure is necessary.

Also, this skateboard has a retro look which is a popular look in skateboarding in America. Another compliment for this board is that it is the shortest one. Besides, the penny skateboard is one of the most straightforward and cheaper boards in the market.

What is the Nickel board?

Traditionally, a nickel board is a giant board in the penny style series. It is one of the parts of the penny series but the largest one. If one measures the length of the board, it is around 5 inches longer compared to the penny boards. So, the rider will feel easy to ride on it because of the increased surface of the deck.

Like the other penny board, it has plastic material in its primary construction. Though the board is not expensive, it will cost more than the previous version. Also, the board is stronger yet lightweight, which is a good sign.

Will the penny board bring any good to the beginner?


In the first place, the beginner tends to select the penny skateboard because of its low price. Since they suffer the confusion of whether they will love skateboarding, they often choose the cheap one. However, here they made a mistake. The penny board is not the ideal option for the beginner.

It’s not that the board has so many wrong sides. Just too tricky for the beginner. Because the length of the board will not provide enough room and control, for the beginner, these two features are the most important.

So being a beginner, they can first learn the control and balance with a longer and wider board. After that, they can move to the penny if they love it so much. Then it will be easier for them to ride the board. But picking the board at first can ruin the skateboard experience before beginning life.

However, the preference and the conclusion will still depend on the personal perspective. For example, if the rider or the beginner is a kid with tiny feet, then a shorter board will be perfect for that case, a longer board will become a hassle to control. They will need something small and lighter weight for learning.

Which color combination will be perfect for penny board?


It is one of the uncertain questions to answer. Because the world has billions of people with millions of different choices, it’s not like the chosen one will be preferable for everyone. For some people, the combination of black and white is cool. For some, it is not. Overall, it will depend on the like and dislike of the person.

One may ask then why this question came forward. This query is an excellent color scheme with a pattern of the fantastic penny. Some penny boards have a color combination that contracts each other on the high range.  That’s why people ask about the color combination of the penny board.

What are the similarities between the penny board and nickel board?


We have already mentioned that both penny and nickel are siblings. They share so many differences, but they share similarities too. If one looks into the boards blindfolded, one cannot tell their differences.

Apart from the feel and look of the board, they share similarities in almost everything. As for the construction of the panels, they have the same plastic material in their main construction. The plastic used in both is more robust. Also, both of the board is extremely lightweight. The complex and heavy ride of the user will not break nor even harm the quality of the board.

Another essential and similar feature of the boards is their grip tape. The grip tape used in both panels is the same that allows the skater to ride it safely. They can have the fabulous feel riding the boards even if in the wet, damp, and uneven street. Both of the panels will give a flawless skating experience on the road by attaching the feet with the board firmly.

Penny Vs Nickel Board


Now it’s time to know the difference between the penny and the nickel skateboard. Initially, the penny and nickel board is made of solid polyurethane material, which keeps its scars free even after the roughest ride. The main difference one will get at first glance is the size of the two boards.

As for the penny board, it is 22 inches long, and the wide of the board is shorter to match with the length and to keep balance. On the other hand, the nickel board is 27 inches long, 5 inches more than the penny board. Also, this board is a little wider than the penny.

That means the user will get more space in the nickel to keep their feet properly. It will be easier for them to stand on the nickel board than the penny board. Let’s know some demonstrated differences between the two.

Penny Vs Nickel Board in terms of Advantages


If we talk about the advantages of the penny board, there is a lot. With the smaller size, one will find it easy to carry. Even the skater can have the board inside their school bag or backpack. If one is looking for an easy-carry skateboard, then this is the one. Besides, taking a dangerous turn is easier with the penny board than the other boards.

On the other hand, the nickel is perfect for a beginner because they need more room in the deck to fit in. the 27 inches long and broader deck provide more space for the skater to put their feet comfortably if they are not used to it. Also, people with big feet will find it more reliable to ride on this skateboard.

Besides, the beginner can easily control the board because of its more enormous deck.  If the person is at the beginning level and has big feet, this board is a perfect choice.

Penny Vs Nickel Board in terms of Disadvantages


Regarding the disadvantages, the primary disadvantage of the penny skateboard is its length. It is one of the shortest skateboards in history. The size is not suitable for so many skaters out there. Most of the skaters cannot keep their balance on this shortboard. One of the reasons behind it is the big feet of the men.

They need to put their feet out of the deck, which compromises the skater’s balance. It is too uncomfortable at the same time. Many skaters do not want to experience this.

On the contrary, the nickel board shares only a few disadvantages. Sometimes those are not even noticeable. One can have a problem with the board price since they can buy the regular and highly popular longboard then why they should get this. The price tag seems unreasonable for some people, who can take it as a disadvantage. But, it is honest that they cannot find that slight hill and lightweight experience with other skateboards.


Penny vs. nickel is a never-ending discussion. Despite their similarities, they share some differences too.  If one wonders the difference between the penny and nickel board shares, they need to dive inside deep. Hopefully, we have dug enough information here to remove the seeker’s curiosity


Suppose one is looking for a new board to buy and show their skills or learn something new. In that case, they must look into the pros and cons comparison of the two boards because the perfect choice for any specific person will vary according to their preference and physical appearance.


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