Penn Battle 2 5000 Review

Penn Battle 2 5000 Review will help the seekers searching for a saltwater spinning reel. Also, the people are seeking a reel by which they can catch fish in the sea year after year. Being a saltwater spinning reel, it has to have some different and unique quality compared to the regular sweet water. This Penn battle has everything one will need.

Using this reel in their spinning rod, people can catch fish of different species of different sizes. It has the strength to see the largest fish from the sea. Also, it will not get damaged for years. Have a look below to know more about the reel.

What fishing line is suitable for spinning reels?

Spinning reels requires excellent strength, high invisibility, great absorb resistance, and stretch in the fishing line. For this, nothing is better than the monofilament fishing line. Significantly, the big fishing is good with monofilament fishing lines in saltwater and freshwater. In addition, while catching a big fish with the spinning reel, the fishing line must have the capability to resist sudden aggressive shock, also stretching when the fish pulls the bar backward, which makes the monofilament line a perfect choice.


Who should use saltwater spinning reels?     

The fisherman who lives near the sea or loves fishing deep inside the ocean can use saltwater spinning reels. Saltwater spinning reels have a longer fishing line, which means the people who want to cover more area or fish deep in the sea can use these reels. Fly fishing in the saltwater is tricky. Without a good fly reel, it becomes more challenging to catch and pull the fish out of the water. With a fly reel, one will find the task easier.

What is the difference between Penn battle 2 5000 and 6000?

The Penn battle brand launched both reels in 2015 to cover some users' specific needs. One can say both is the updated version of the previous model. So the main difference one will notice as the spinning reel is the weight. While the Penn battle 2 5000 is 19.80 oz, the 6000 is 22.1 oz. So, version 6000 is the heavier one.

Also, the lining capacity of the 5000 is 300 yards; meanwhile, 6000 can hold a 390 yards line. Now it makes sense why the 600 is the heavier one. Both the reels are of the same metal that allows them for seawater fishing.

If one asks which one is the better one, it will depend on the user's preference. If one is looking for something lightweight, the 5000 version is the one. If their priority is to cover more area, the 6000 version is the right option.

What is the difference between Penn Battle 2 and Spin Fisher?

Both Penn battle two and spin fisher are entirely different from each other. As for the spin fisher, it is perfect for fishing in the aggressive ocean wave. When one wants to fish sitting in the sea bank or on a big rock and cast the rod into the heavy wave, spin fishing is the best option. Because it has better resistance to heavy water splashing, it providesa better lockdown drag to bold the pressure and pulls out the fish. However, this one is a little expensive and not so affordable for many people.

On the other hand, the Penn battle is perfect for a flat sea surface. Also, one can use it in the freshwater too. It will provide enough drag to any species of the sea but is vulnerable to the strong sea waves. However, it is pretty affordable, and anyone can buy this one.

What are the things to consider while buying saltwater spinning reels?

Reels are one of the most significant and complicated parts of fishing. When it is about seawater spinning fishing, it becomes more complex. Because seawater contains a vast amount of salt, harmful to the equipment. Also, seawater fishing means catching fish of heavyweight. One can fish up to 150 pounds weight fish in the sea. So the reel must be strong enough to tackle that force.

Without the proper knowledge, people can lose a high price and buy waste for their sea fishing. To buy the best one buyers should consider some points, those are

Aluminum Frame

Aluminum is a perfect material as a frame for the seawater reel. Because this material is not prone to salt, the salt in the seawater cannot make it rusty and damage it.

Almost in all the Daiwa saltiest reels, the main construction involves a strong aluminum frame for strength and durability along with stability. The aluminum frame protects the inner gears, bearings, and drag system. The aluminum frame will prevent the twist that can occur in graphite metal frames. That's why it is wise to choose an aluminum metal frame reel.


The ball and roll bearings in the reel must be corrosive resistant. Expected a greatly corrosive resistance and cover the bearings featured stainless steel. The stainless steel in the reel creates an extra protection layer against saltwater and harmful particles. That means it will also protect the inner part of the reel from getting rusty by the seawater.


The Aluminum reels are lightest compared to the other reels. It only weighs 0.95 pounds. One will not even feel they have an extra reel with their rod. In spinning fishing, less weight is essential. Because the rod is longer and the higher weight will turn the experience into a nightmare with muscles pain. So, in consequence, the reel is the best option.


The reel is built on a fully sealed and super torque disc drag system. The drag system of the revolution is another impressive thing about it. The smoother and more powerful drag while pulling the fish will enhance the fishing experience. Most importantly, the drag disc of the reel needs to be made of softer and more reliable carbon fiber. That will make the drag stronger and of heavy performance on a heavyweight.

Line size

For saltwater spinning fishing, the length of the fishing line is significant. One has to cast the line far away or deep inside the sea for the fish they want to catch. However, the reel needs to store more than 300 yards of fishing line in it, which is perfectly perfect for saltwater spinning fishing to see the deeper fish species.

Cast control

Cast control is the most significant feature for the newbie saltwater fishers. Though this feature is not favorable by the expert or they do not want it, some brands add this for beginners.

Anti Revers

The anti-reverse feature is another attraction of buyers. It will use a one-way roller bearing to stop the drag. It allows the spool to retrieve the line while the fish drag it. This feature will only engage with the bearings when the reel is in gear. The pressure against the gear will alter this feature.

Penn Battle 2 5000 Review

When the brand and the version are pre-selected, there is not much to consider without its essential features. First, however, one can look into the benefits of the product. As for this Penn Battle 2 5000, the reel is highly durable and has a high-range spinning reel. It is the best reel to pear with the best spinning rod to catch the sea's monster-sized fishes.

The reel consistsof metal in its entire body. The manufacturer used aluminum and stainless steel; the material is not vulnerable to sea salt. The heavy-duty aluminum bail wire in the reel offers tremendous durability and strength.

Also, the reel features a multiple-stop anti-reverse system for catching the big fish. When the biggest one bites Laure, it forcefully pulls it. If the rotation does not have a good quality anti-reverse system, it will lose all its line to the fish so does the fish at the end. So, the best functional anti-reverse system in the reel is extremely important.

Besides, for extra protection, the bearings of the reel are covered with five layers of stainless steel. That means the salt can cause no harm to the inner mechanism of the revolution. Also, the reel's line capacity is quite impressive to catch the creature deep under the sea.









Stainless steel

Hand Orientation



Black, Gold, and Smoke

Handle Material

Stainless Steel

Fishing Line Type


Bearing Material

Stainless Steel

Braid Capacity

420 yards


19.8 oz

Max Drag

25 lbs

Gear Ratio


Pros and Cons



This reel offers more support while handling heavy loads.

The metallic body of the reel will offer more support.

It features a rubber jacket to hold and prevent the line's slippage.

Excellent construction to tackle the heaviest force.

Not prone to seawater.

Feature an instant anti-reverse mechanism to hold the line.

The bearings are sealed with stainless steel, which ensures longevity.

Lightweight and comfortable to hold.

The bearing seal unit becomes worn with use.


Hopefully, Penn Battle 2 5000 Review is informative and easy enough to understand the benefits. Among all the spinning seawater reels, finding the perfect and effective one is tricky. Because all the promises the manufacturer makes are not always true. Sometimes people buy a revolution ata high price and end up with the worst experience.

But our research team assures the buyer that this reel is best for catching giant monsters in the sea. It will provide enough line to cast and strength to hold and pull the fish. Happy Fishing!

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