Paintball Bore Size

Paintball bore size is a significant consideration of the game. When choosing a paintball barrel, the most important thing is the barrel thread to ensure the gun has the correct barrel, then the bore size. The bore size is the slang of the inner diameter of the barrel.

If someone fails to select the perfect bore size according to their playing style, they will end up with an inaccurate shot. It is resulting in a disaster performance on the airsoft game. That's why it’s important for the paintball guns. Let’s know more about the topic below.

What are Paintball Barrels?

Paintball barrels are situated at the end of the maker of the gun, which is almost in the tip. Mostly the paintball barrels are made of aluminum, stainless steel, and another type of metals. One has to remember that the barrels must have metal-like material.

Does the Bore Size Affect the Accuracy?

The barrel of the gun, which is situated in the last of the barrel, is responsible for the accuracy of the shot. However, many facts affect the accuracy of the paintball guns. The bore of the barrel is one of them. If one does not choose the bore properly, they will get an inaccurate shot. For example, playing from a long distance with a short barrel will cause nothing but losses. For a longer shot, a long-range barrel is necessary.

Will a Long Bore Help Increase the Accuracy in Paintball?

The accuracy of paintball shoots depends on several facts. The bore size of the barrel of the gun is one of the facts that decide how accurate the shot will be. As for the question of whether will the longer bore will increase accuracy, yes, it does. Usually, a longer bore is known for the highest accuracy in the longest distance. If one can shoot accurately in long-distance, they can go in the medium and short distance too.

Paintball Bore Size

The paintball barrel bore length will depend on the player and the style of the player. However, there is an ideal range of barrel bore length for the game. One can choose the range from .698 down to .674. The most common size is .689 as a perfect one if they do not know their style. In case they are not feeling good or having an accurate shot, first, they have to know their style and then the barrel length.

Before selecting the length of the bore, one must select the length of the barrel. One must know the available type of barrel in the market because the type of the barrel will impact the length of the barrel. Typically, one will find three types of barrel in the market.


The paintball guns mechanism is as complicated as the real one. One does not have the liberty to think as it's a game gun. It may be simple. But it's not. It was as complex as one cannot even imagine. Every inch of the gun is manufactured with great care and a skilled person.

The paintball bore size is another significant part after the length of the barrel. Overall performance of the gun will depend on the mechanism of the barrel and bore of the gun.

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