Indoor 28.5 Basketball Review

Indoor 28.5 Basketball Review For 2021

Basketball is one of the best games that bring a lot of fun, joy, pleasure, and excitement at the same time. From toddlers to adults everyone can play basketball. It is the most prominent game all over the world. One can play basketball in school, college, university, inside the home, and on outdoor surfaces. It is pretty easy to play.

If you are an indoor player and you are going to choose a basketball that is suitable for outdoor play then you may face various health injuries. So you have to be conscious about all these things.

Indoor 28.5 Basketball Review

People want to know more often which basketball is suitable for indoor use. Our expert research team has researched their heart out to provide the readers accurate information regarding this write-up.  In this article, we will discuss the Indoor 28.5 basketball.

Spalding Legacy Indoor Game Basketball Size 6, 28.5"

The Spalding Legacy Indoor Game Basketball Size 6, 28.5" is surely worth playing for basketball. It has a very unique and excellent design. This product is manufactured by Spalding.

Furthermore, this product comes with a good grip. It contains a microfiber composite leather cover grip. So that it can assist to wick away sweat. It can give you the game-ready vibe out of the box. The grip is very high quality and has a deep channel design for instant identification. Also, it has cushioned carcass for its accurate bounce.

On the other hand, this product is made with a balanced butyl bladder vertically and horizontally. The product comes with ultimate air retention. It has also nylon windings that help to constructs the structural integrity so that it can give you better performance. The ambassadors of this product are head coach Bob Huggins who is from Virginia University and Head coach James Jones from Yale University. 

The official size of this product is 6, 28.5". This Spalding Legacy Indoor Game Basketball is great for both males and females. This product is only for indoor use because it is constructed with some great features which are very good for inside use.

Finally, the Spalding Legacy Indoor Game Basketball is made of composite material that ensures durability. However, the instruction guideline you will have along with the product will ensure you will not get into any trouble and give you comfort while playing with the ball.


Key features

Product description

Sport Type








Item Weight

1 Pound


‎ 10 x 10 x 10 inches


Unisex adults

Manufacturer ‏


Country of Origin

‏ China


  • It comes with a great grip.
  • The ball comes inflated.
  • It has super durability.
  • Provides excellent resistance against any kind of impact.
  • Has a great unique quality
  • Available at a low price
  • Best for indoor use.
  • User friendly.


  • There is nothing like to mention.

Basketball Size Chart for Kids & Adults

If you are a basketball player and spend a lot of time watching basketball games, practicing, or tournaments you will notice that, most of the players from basketball backgrounds are choosing the wrong size ball for playing. Sometimes these wrong size balls create many obstacles to achieve the goal. Wrong size balls create incorrect techniques sometimes.  We along with our research team have made a size chart for kids and adults so that the reader can understand the actual size of basketballs and can buy it easily. We have provided a size chart below for your review.




Recommended For


Size 7

20 -22 oz

This size is for boys and men who are up to 15 years old. Also, who is in high school and college, this basketball is ideal for them. This is the highly recommended size for teens and adults. A professional basketball player can also play with this item.


Size 6

18-20 oz

This item has some best sides. It is a unisex product so that both men and women both can use this. For boys who are 12 to 15 years old, this item is recommended them. Also, girls from 12 years old can play with this. Besides, up to 12 years, girls and women can play this basketball. It is officially the suggested size for school and college-going girls. It can also be played by expert players.


Size 5

16-17 oz

This product has a unisex feature. Both girls and boys can use this. For girls and boys who are 9 to 12 years old, this basketball is suitable for them. Expert says it is the standard basketball for beginners, intermediate, and professionals. This product is very easy to find.


Size 4

13.5-14 oz

This is a suitable product for the 5 to 8 years boys and girls age group. It has a very good texture. Boys and girls can easily play with this.


Size 3

9-10 oz

This product is very unique because it is known as the “Mini” basketball. Because this product is only recommended for children who are from 4 to 8 years age group.


Size 1

9.5-8 oz

This item has another name that is, ‘’micro mini’’. Boys and girls from 2 to 5 years old can play with this basketball.


Nerf Toy

1-5 oz

The ultimate best product from the toddlers. It is very toddler-friendly to have fun. 0-4 years toddlers can play with this cute basketball. Also, young children can play with this item. Adults who are young from the heart can have fun with this.

Things you consider before buying indoor basketball

An indoor basketball is made with huge care and concern. One has to consider some factors while buying a basketball for indoor play.

Quality: Quality is an important issue for choosing an indoor basketball. The quality should be a high standard to make sure its durability. As basketball has to take a lot of pressure. Makes sure the basketball is made with high-quality rubber and leather.

Size : Lots of indoor basketballs are available on the market. Find for you a branded one because they ensure accurate sizes and quality.

Inflated Balls : If you choose a round-shaped basketball, ensure it has the full inflated feature. The basketball should be bouncy and sturdy to use. It should be inflated conforming to the size and overall other ability. You have to make sure it will go for a long span.

What size is a 28.5 Basketball

This 28.5 measured basketball has comes with standard quality. It contains a standard weight which is 20 oz. the ideal size of 28.5 basketballs is 6. These 6 size basketballs are

Size 6 basketballs measure 28.5” and have a standard weight of 20 oz. Logically, the size 6 balls are a bit smaller than the size 7 ball. These 28.5 balls are made for players who are much professional or intermediate. It comes with smaller hand spans.

On the other hand, these 6 size balls are the official selected size for international basketball tournaments. Also, the 6 sizes are considered to be women’s basketball tournaments.  These are very suitable for basketball leagues. Girls and women and up 12 years old players are ideal for this size.

What is the best 28.5 Basketball

There are lots of 28.5 basketball in the market but here we will discuss the five most prominent and best 28.5 basketballs.

Barden elite indoor game basketball

This item is come up with a good grip. It has great bounce ability and is manufactured with symmetry. It is claimed to be a great choice for the indoor basketball player.

Spalding NBA street basketball

This ball has a unique design and can also play outdoor. The rubber texture is also suitable for outside play. It has a water-resistant feature. It gives assurance of its durability. Easy to travel with it because it is light weighted.

Wilson evolution indoor game basketball

This ball is made for the indoor game only. It is made of composite leather. It makes sure it has durability and enough grip to satisfy players. The grip comes with a micro pebble touchpoint. It ensures its good grip and soft vibe.

Can outdoor basketballs be used indoors

No. one cannot use outdoor basketballs indoor. Because there is a huge risk always if anyone uses outdoor balls for indoor playing. As outdoor balls are made of rubber and precisely it has designed for harsh surfaces.

On the other side, the indoor surface is way smoother than the outdoor one because the place you will play for indoor use is made of a wooden surface. Indoor balls are perfect for these types of surfaces.

So one cannot use a rubber ball on a wooden surface, because whenever the rubber ball bounces there is a high chance to crumble the indoor surface.

Final Words

Basketball has been the most prominent game in the last decades. We know that there is a lot of diversity between indoor and outdoor basketballs. But one can choose their desired basketball which one they are comfortable playing.

Furthermore, indoor basketballs are increasing their demand day by day. Children are also like indoor basketball than outdoor basketball these days. There are lots of the best indoor basketballs available in the market. However, you have to choose basketball wisely when you are playing for indoor purposes.

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