How To Clean Pool Table Felt

How To Clean Pool Table Felt ( Ways of Cleaning )

The table felt is the vital part of a pool table. People cannot play their best at the dusty pool table. They need to clean this regularly. Replacing a pool table felt is costly. The average cost of a pool table cloth varies according to the pool table size. One has to spend $250 to $500 for replacing a pool table felt. People play pool in the bar, home and indoor places with their friends and family. They place their snacks, drink and other things during playing pool. No one likes a dirty pool table felt to play with. So this is wise to clean the pool table felt rather than replacing it. This is not hard to clean a pool table. If anyone follows the rules and other cleaning techniques completely, this will give better results to the people. The pool table felt should clean carefully. Otherwise, this will be affecting the quality of the table felt.

Ways of Cleaning a Pool Table Felt

The price of a pool table is not high. This is not always possible to bring a new pool table or new table felt. There has also some different ways for cleaning the pool table felt. Besides, people must follow the perfect way to clean. This will helps to remain the quality of a pool table felt.

Cleaning through a towel

This is the safest way to clean a table felt of the pool. One needs to have a clean cloth, cold water and vinegar. The process of this cleaning is describing below:

Step 1: First one need to select a perfect towel to remove the stains from the pool table felt. A fibre cloth is the best option. This helps to remove the stains and dust easily. The fibre in the towel is positive for cleaning.

Step 2: People need to collect a small bowl. Coldwater is necessary for this step. Coldwater is more fruitful than normal and hot water. People can remove the stains and dust with less effort by using cold water.

Step 3: In that phase, people need to make a water solution. Vinegar is the best option for making these. One has to make the solution with half portion of water and half a portion of vinegar. This will work better for the pool table felt.

Step 4: Then one needs to clean the stained spot and other dusty spots with the towel. The towel should use with the water solution that was made before. Target the stain spot to clean. For removing the dirty satin, one has to push hard with the towel.

Step 5: People cannot remove the hard stain by the first attempt. That time the towel needs to rinse with clean water. Then clean again mix the solution water with the towel and apply this on the pool table felt.

Step 6: This process will be followed continue until the stain and other dust remove. People don't need to push harder. That will affect the quality of the pool table felt.

Step 7: Finish the cleaning process. Dry the table felt by the fan or similar kinds of things. Then this will become ready to play.

If the stains of the pool table felt again seen, people need to follow these steps again.

Cleaning Through a Brush

The brush is the easiest way to clean a pool table felt. The brush can clean more than the towel. The brush is also widely used to clean a pool table felt. Following steps need to maintain while cleaning the pool table felt with a brush.

Step 1: First you need to collect a brush. There are a lot of good brushes are available in the market. However, people have to select the best brush for cleaning the table felt. One can buy a "nylon or horsehair bristle pool brush” from Amazon. This brush works better in the pool table felt.

Step 2: Use a cleaning spray on the pool table. One can get the specific spray cleaner for the pool table felt. People don't need to choose high chemical spray for use in the pool table felt. This will hamper the colt of the pool table felt.

Step 3: After spraying the whole table of the pool, one cannot start cleaning. Waiting for some time will help the brush to remove the stain easily. While cleaning with the brush, people must press the brush in an organized way. That will help better for the pool table felt. Haphazard way of brush stroking can remove the cloth fiver of a pool table. Besides, people should start the cleaning process from the centre of the pool table.

Step 4: People don’t need to press harder for removing the stains. In the dark stain spots, people can spray more. This way the dark spot become light for the brush. Forcing with a brush will hamper the pool table felt.

Step 5: Continue this process of cleaning until the stains are removed. One need to clean a pool table that felt full. That will give more time before the next cleaning. A proper cleaning brings more enjoyment to the people.

Step 6: One need to dry the pool table felt after cleaning this. People can use different dry machines. One can use the vacuum to dry the pool table felt but in low heat. The high heat of the vacuum can affect the pool table felt.

Apart from these two methods, there are some others ways to clean the pool table felt.  In some special cases, people will not get the desired output from cleaning. That can happen for several reasons. If the pool table is unused for a very long time, this will be hard to remove the stains. People may not remove the stains by themselves at that phase. They don't need to panic. There is a good number of professional pool table felt cleaners available in the market. One can get help from them.

How to remove smoke smell from the pool table

This is happening due to having excessive dust in a pool table for a long time. This smell of smokes irritates the pool player. One cannot concentrate on the game fully due to having bad smoke in the room. People need to set the pool table in an open place. That will helps to eliminate the smoke smell. Besides, people can use “Febreze Fabric Refresher” on the pool table. That is capable of removing the bad smell from the pool table. That also gives good fragrances to the pool player.

Don’ts of pool table felt cleaning

The pool table felt is not a cheap product. One needs to spend around $250 to $500 for replacing a pool table felt. The price of replacement varies due to the quality and area of a pool table. That is why people should be aware of their cleaning process. Some basic things need to maintain. These avoidable things of cleaning are given below:


Avoidable things

Making of water solution

Don't need to the chemical in the water.

Don’t use too hot water to clean the pool table felt.

Don't use the same water solution for more than one time in the pool table cloth


Don't clean hard the pool table felt with the brush.

Don’t stroke the brush haphazardly in the pool table cloth.

Don’t use a random brush for cleaning.

Vacuum cleaner

Try to avoid this to clean the pool table felt.

Don't use too much heat with the vacuum cleaner.

What are the ways to increasing the lifetime of a pool table felt

Only cleaning doesn’t help to increase the lifetime of a pool table cloth. There are some others ways too. Those are describing below:

Cover the table: This is the easiest way to keep the pool table felt from dust. People need to cover the whole table with a cloth. This will remain the table felt fresh for a long time. People can keep their pool table when they are not playing regularly. However, daily coverage of the pool table will give the best output to the people.

Clean the pool balls: The pool table felt get the dust from the pool balls too. People need to use some kind of pool ball liquid cleaner. That will also help the pool players. Pool balls are roughly hit by the players. This is obvious to have dusted with the ball. This is highly recommended that the professional clean every pool ball after the game.

Avoid wearing a watch and jewellery: This is the most vital thing for protecting the pool table felt. Watches and jewellery don't need to wear for avoiding snagging the cloth. People can use a pool table felt more time by maintaining this safety.

Keep away the foods and drinks: These are the most negative things for the pool table felt. People shouldn't keep any types of snacks and drinks on the pool table. This wills not good for the table felt if these kinds of stuff fall on the pool table.

Avoid direct sunlight: Direct sunlight harm the pool table felt. This is not appropriate to set the pool table under direct sunlight. This will also reduce the lifetime of a pool table felt.

Cover the pool table felt: This is one of the best to protect the pool table felt. People will get so many advantages by covering the pool table felt. This will protect the pool table felt from stains and dust also. Players are also able to play their shots perfectly. The cover also adds the beauty of a pool table.

There are also have some others things to avoid to increase the lifetime of a pool table.

How to replace a pool table felt

 This will not possible to play all the time with the built-in pool table felt. Pool tables have excellent construction quality. Pool tables are also able to offer a good valuable lifetime to the people. In terms of pool table felt, things are not the same. For replacing the pool table felt, one has to remove the pool table felt first. This is an easy task. Some of the pool table felts are attach through glue and some by staples. People can easily remove the glue pool table felt by ripping it. In terms of the staples pool table, people need to remove the staple of each point. This way people can easily remove the pool table felt. Some of the steps for replacing pool table felt are discussing below:

Clean the Slate: Pool tables are made of slate. This is the most durable raw material. That is why a pool table can give a long life to the user. The pool table felt is placing in The Slate. Before placing this, remove the dust with a clean cloth.

Take the measurement: Pool tables are not made of the same size. There are different sizes of pool tables are available in the market. Generally, seven and eight-inch sizes pool tables are sold most. Carpenter of pool table needs to measure the area of pool table appropriately. That helps to replace the pool table felt perfect.

Cutting the felt: At first, people need to keep the pool table felt in a safe place. The People need to cut the felt by the measurement of the pool table. At this step, they can use a sharp scissor or cutter. People must cut the pool table felt so carefully. Any kind of accident can lead to a big loss to the people.

Stapling the felt: This is the most vital and hardest part of replacing a pool table felt. This is usually done by the professional.  One needs essential skills and techniques for stapling the felt properly on the pool table.

Therefore some pool table felt can be attaching through glue. This type of pool table felts are easy to replace. One needs to glue the whole surface of a pool table. Then attach the pool table felt on the surface of the pool table. After that, people need to remove the rails of the old pool table felt. This can be done through a screwdriver.

Final words

The pool is one of the attractive games in the world. People all over the world play pool nowadays. The price of the pool is high. Besides, the replacement price of a pool table felt is not cheap. People have to spend more than $250 to replace a pool table felt. However, people can clean the pool table felt easy. One of the best ways of cleaning a pool table felt is describing in this article. People will find this useful and know every essential thing related to the cleaning of a pool table felt.

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