How Many Pins In Bowling

How Many pins in bowling will tell people about the most superficial details of the game. Since bowling is one of the most popular games in history, it has many rules and types that change over time. Those changes include the number of pins that are a significant part of the game. One may find many pins in different clubs and get confused.

However, nothing is confusing. One can keep in mindthat the more the pin in number, the more score they get. If they knock out every pin in a frame means more score. One will find more details below regarding the issue.

How Many pins are in bowling

People have known the game for thousands of years back. It has existed in this world for 4000 years and kept its head high, increasing its popularity day by day. One of the reasons humans love this game and feel curious about it is its history of thousands of years.

Also, people of every age, from kids to elders, find this game fascinating because of its simplicity. So, they always want to know more about the game. In this way, the common question they ask is the number of pins one has to use in the game. Well, it is the most straightforward question to answer but descriptive. To know the number of pins one needs to use in the game, they will need to see the game types because the type of the game is related to the number of pins.

So, let’s know about the types,                                                      

Ten Pins Bowling      

The first name that came into the row is ten pins bowling. It is not surprising that one already knows how many pins one must use by its name. Yeah, the guess of the reader is correct. Players need to use ten pins in this type of bowling. This type of bowling is also has a long history.

Some of the research found that people of America is playing ten pins before the Civil War. Also, the game rules used in recent times were created officially by American Bowling Congress in 1895. So, the rules and regulations used in recent times are also hundreds of years old.

The ten pins player use in this game is simple as the other. Manufacturers used the same material but in calculative measurement. The construction of the pins is exceptionally detailed and equal. The height and weight of the pins are not even a bit different from each other.

Nine Pins Bowling

So this game involves nine pins and different rules and regulations, which make it different from the ten pins. People also call it Kegel, a team game with no individual scores. One will know that they will play the nine pins by forming the pin in the base. Unlike the other type, this type will be formatted into a diamond shape instead of the triangle on the lane.

Also, all the pins are white except for the center pins of the game. One will notice that the center pin of the diamond shape is red, which is called the redhead. One will get 9 points if they knockout every nine pins in a single hit. However, the hardest thing is to get 12 points by knocking all the pins except the red one. Mentionable, the number of frames is 6 in this type.

5 Pin Bowling

So, in 5 pins, bowling players will use five pins in V-shaped organized on the lane. This game is popular in Canada because of the less time it requires. Amazingly, the five pins used in the game have different characteristics withdifferent points.

Those pins are smaller than the 9 and 10 pins and feature rubber hands around the middle of the body. That’s effective when they get hit for flying and knocking down by the players.

Candlepin Bowling

Unlike the types we described above, the name of this type does not come from the number of pins the player used in the game. Instead, people named it after the shape of the pin. First, in 1880 in Massachusetts, it got invented and gained extreme popularity in New England. One has to use ten pins, just like the ten pins type.

However, the shape and size of the pins are pretty different from the ten pins. Nails used in candlepins bowling are much thinner like a candle and small.

Duckpin Bowling

One can say duckpin is the mixing of 10 pins and candlepin. The shape of the duckpin is precisely like the ten pin but small in size. Also, the PIN is ten and arranged in triangle size. In bowling, duckpin is the most accessible type even the kids can master.

Since the pins are small and lighter, the ball bowler used in the game is small and lightweight. So, it becomes easier for the kids to pick and roll the ball to knock the pins down.

What is bowling?

Bowling is one of the oldest games in history that have been in this world for thousands of years. With time people have changed the name and rules of the game. After the change, it gets in recent time people also call it ten pins game. Playing this game is knocking out several pins using a heavy ball.

One has to roll the ball on an oily wooden surface towards the pins and knock out as many pins as possible. Of course, the player will aim to knock more pins than the opponent.

What is Pin in Bowling?

Pin in bowling is one of the significant equipment. One may see the white bottled size something at the end of the lane that the players knock out using a heavy ball. Those white things over the road are the pins players need to knockdown.

Some expert manufacturers manufacture those pins using a particular type of material. They constructed those gluing blocks of rock maple wood into the approximate size the game will need. After shaping the wood, they resurface the pin with a glossy element for an elegant look. The shape of the pin can be any but equal.

What is a Ball in bowling?

Bowling Balls are those used in the bowling sport to knock out the bowling pins situated in a selected distance. Usually, bowling balls are made of four different types of cover stocks materials. Those are reactive resin, particle, plastic, and urethane. The difference among those materials is how they react or perform in the lane surface when they throw to knock out the pins.

The bowling balls are slightly larger than the candlepin balls. They are heavy with a good amount of balance. The balls have three-hole for the fingers to hold and throw the ball.

Does a different number of pins used in bowling change the game's rules?

One may readily know that people like to play different types of bowling. The difference in type is the difference in the PIN in bowling. One can use five to 10 pins to play the game according to their preference. So the question arises in people’s heads that the different numbers change the way and rules of the game.

Yes, the difference in pins number changes so many rules in the game and the way one plays. The noticeable change is the type of ball one has to use. If the number of pins ismore minor, one must use the less big ball. Like this, so many things are different for different nails.


Hopefully, How Many Pins in Bowling is no longer a mystery for the people looking for the answer. We have tried to illustrate every detail that alters the number of bowling pins. Some may know that they do not need to know the numbers of a pin. But it is a big mistake they will make.

Because the history and rules of the game are extremely involved with the number of pins, one will find how many different rules and regulations are in between the other numbers once they dig deep. With all the required knowledge, one can play the game professionally and mostly with fun.

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