How long is a game of bowling?

How long will a bowling game be a concern for the beginner and the regular? Because it involves some facts and variables that can increase or decrease the time of the game. The time people spend playing the game, they spare it from their busy schedule. If the game runs longer than they imagine, it will be hard to maintain their timetable correctly.

However, knowing the exact time of the bowling is not too hard. One has to know all the things that influence the overall time of bowling. By this, they can learn more about the game. Have a look below for more information.

How long is a game of bowling?


Has anyone ever wondered how long the game bowling has been in this world? Maybe not? This is one of the fun facts and surprise that bowling is one of the oldest games in history. People first started playing the game 4000 years ago. One can imagine that thousands of centuries have changed so many things in the game. It is expected that over time, in people’s interest, rules and regulation of game keeps changing.

In the contemporary world, this game is as popular as it was thousands of years back. People of all ages in America love playing this game. Passing pass time by bowling is one of the everyday things in that country and many countries in this world. It is a low-impact easy game. People do not have to have so many complex skills to do well.

That’s why both kids and older adults love this game. Often children throw a bowling party on their birthday. Also, people held reunion parties in the bowling club. So that they can enjoy the game with their friends. The bowling club in recent times is another wonder. When people come to enjoy the game, they do not have to bring any single piece of equipment for the game.

Amazingly, the bowling club has it all. The club will provide everything one will need to play the game. Even the special shoes required in the game will be provided by the club. One can rent all of the equipment when they play the game.

So, its popularity raises so many silly questions among so many people. Among all those questions run time of the game is one of the essential parts that everyone should know. Because people have strict schedule this time of the century. Running behind work and progress becomes the central part of the game. People cannot spend more time than they have stolen from their busy schedules.

Moreover, the time of bowling is not fixed. Sometimes it takes the shortest time, but sometimes it runs for more than an hour. According to some reliable statistics, the game will run for ten minutes for a person. So, now one can decide how long it will run for their group. However, the time can increase with the strike one take. Therefore, the more strike they will take, the longer it will take to finish.

Initially, one can use ten minutes as a benchmark, and after that, one can calculate the total time they will need in the game. Approximately one will find that it will take 15 to 20 minutes for a person. On the contrary, the time of the game can increase from 60 minutes to 120 minutes, depending on some factors.

Let’s look at the terms or facts that influence the time of bowling.



In bowling, many variables will affect the run time of the game. Many must know or do not have any idea about those variables affecting the game’s time frame. However, after reading this article, they will get a clear idea. The more the bowler will play the game, the more they will understand those variables.

The time will depend mainly on the strike, the player’s number, and the amount of game. The more the players, the more it will take to end. It is valid for strike and game numbers too. If players take more strikes, it will take more time to end the game. Also, it will depend on the socializing of the players and how long they take to throw the ball.

Amount of Player


Another significant fact that influences the time of the game mostly is the total number of players in the game. It will take too much less time if only a single player is in the game and they are playing it by themself. However, the time will start increasing with the increasing number of players.

For instance, if a single group with three friends came to bowl and they are average players, it will take approximately 45 minutes to 6o minutes to end the game. It can be more or less. Moreover, let’s imagine a group with six average players. To finish the game, it will take at least 120 minutes. If they play the game gossiping, it will take more time to end.

Bowling time breakdown


If one is a person of calculation, they may calculate the spare minutes or seconds. They may calculate the time a person takes to bowl. Normally, people take

  • At least 40 seconds for a single player to roll a bowling ball.
  • At least 30 seconds to switch from one player to another.
  • At least 35 seconds to input names on the board.
  • Ten seconds to take a new ball.

So, a total of 115 seconds per player to complete a strike. Let’s think the group has six members with ten frames.


6 players X 115 seconds X 10 frames = 6,900 seconds. That’s equal to 115 minutes.

So, one can assume that with10 frames, a group of 6 players will take at least 115 minutes to complete the game.



Another essential part of the game that influences the time frame is the strike players take. Some of the players take more strikes than average. In this case, the game will run for some more time. Also, some playersdo not need too many strikes. In that case, it will be faster to end the game. It will depend on the player’s skill and concentration level.

What will be better renting for per hour or renting for per game in bowling?

Well, this is adebating question to answer. If one is getting confused that they should rent the bowling club per game or hour, they should consider some issues. Mainly the number of players in their group. If the group have four or more player, then it will be perfect if they rent the club per hour.

If it’s only one or two-player then per game will be the best. However, if the club is for bowling and party, then it will require to rent the club for half of the day or night. It will be a personal preference.


How long is a bowling game? It is a simple fact, unlike so many complicated games. One will not have to have so much knowledge to know the game’s runtime. Some simple facts are involved with the game’s time frame. After a simple discussion, even a toddler can understand that the time bowling will last.

Moreover, if one plans to have a day or some time to enjoy bowling, they must calculate the approximate time they will need because it will conflict with their busy schedule if they do not know the time they will need. Hopefully, this article will help calculate the exact time.

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