How Long Does an Airsoft Battery Last

How Long Does an Airsoft Battery Last

How Long Does an Airsoft Battery Last In the world of airsoft games, the most asked question is, how long does an airsoft battery last? Even professional as well as the newbie facilities question. The electric air gun of the game is useless without the battery. Also, the battery has a limited timeline. One cannot run the gun if the battery runs out of power.

Facing this power loss during the game is shameful. That’s why one must know the time when the battery is going to die. However, this article will discuss details.

What is Airsoft Battery?

Airsoft batteries are the special type of batteries that are used in the gun. Those guns are mainly called electric airsoft guns. To play the game with this gun one have to use a battery. Because without the power the guns will not run. One cannot play the game with it if it’s not equipped with batter.

What is the Type of Battery one can Use in an Airsoft Gun?

Mainly, the industry has three types of battery specified for the airsoft game. Those are,

Nickel Cadmium

Nikel Metal Hydride


Among three of the battery for airsoft guns, we will recommend the lithium-ion battery. Because of the lightweight, and overall high supply of energy, those are perfect for the game. It will not add extra weight but run for a long time.

How long should the Battery of Airsoft Gun take to be fully charged?

One must remember that an overcharge will create an issue in the battery. So they need to check after a while if the battery I fully charged or not. However, it’s a work of irritation and no one will want that. But the charger in the market is auto chargers. They get turned off as soon as the battery is fully charged.

Moreover one can calculate the time of charge according to the mAH of the battery. For example, a charger outputs 800mah, and a battery has a rating of 2200 mAH so would take around 2h45 to charge:

2200 / 800 = 2.75 ~ 2h45

How Long Does an Airsoft Battery Last?

Especially, electric airsoft guns require a battery to operate. One can use different types of batteries. The lifetime of the battery will depend on the bb and battery quality of the gun. Doing the right calculation, there are two terms that one needs to understand. The mAH rating and the voltage rating of the guns.

The power consumed by airsoft guns is equivalent to the gasoline used to power the engine of a car. AEG always consumes power no matter what. If the battery has a high mAH rating, the AEG can be used for a long time before it needs to be recharged.

However, one cannot just choose higher mAH batteries that they like. As the mAH goes higher, so will the size of the battery and if the battery is bigger it will not fit in the gun. One will find various options in AFG batteries. Options start at 600mAh and end at 2500mAh. Mostly, people use batteries ranging from 1100 mAH to 1600 mAH.

One must remember that the higher the mAH level the longer the life. If one wants a long-life battery they can choose the highest mAH battery available in the market. One can remember a simple calculation to make the mAH information more informative to calculate the life of the batter How Long Does an Airsoft Battery Last.


1 mAH=1 BB

For example, if one gets a battery of 2000 mAH then they can shoot 2000 bb with it.

To calculate the number of hours one can use the formula,

Number of hours = capacity of battery x 1.4 or 1.5

Where the capacity of the battery is its mAH rating which is indicated on the battery charger, 1.4 is for NiCad batteries and 1.5 is for NiMH batteries.

Other Factor that Affects the Battery Life

As mentioned, not all the batteries will perform as it said. Maybe it will perform the best at the beginning but the performance will fade away after some time because of some silly mistakes made by the user. Mostly, use the batter without charging it fully. If one uses the airsoft battery without charging it properly the quality and the performance of the battery will fade away.

Also, one cannot have a 2000 bb shot with a 2000 mAH battery if it’s not fully charged. Besides, overcharging the battery also creates an issue in the lifeline of the battery. Overcharging of the battery damagesits quality. As a result,it does not run for a long time.

Furthermore, the type of battery one is using will also affect the time one can use the gun for. To run AEG for a longer period if one can go with a lithium polymer or LiPo battery, rather than a nickel-cadmium or Nicad battery. 

Final Words

Knowing the lifetime of the battery in the airsoft game is important. If one is in the game and the battery becomes dead they will soon be out of the game before changing the battery. However, a good quality battery will preserve the quality of the gun too.

To know more about the method How Long Does an Airsoft Battery Last can take help from this article. It contains all the necessary information for choosing the right battery hour and measuring it according to the given information How Long Does an Airsoft Battery Last.


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