How Long Do Paintball Bruises Last

Paintballs are not hard and suppose not to hurt anyone. However, a pinch of material can hurt one if they shoot it with 350 fps from a distance. The same goes with this game. Besides, while running, one can get injuries like bruises from paintball. Those injuries look too painful. It becomes worse if they get those on their face.

So the question How Long Do Paintball Bruises Last normally arise in mind. Because one has to attend so many meetings, program, and so on, attending those with a pity face is the worst thing to do. Let’s know the way to get rid of it.

What is Bruises?


In simple words, bruises are some kind of injury that people get by hitting something from a distance. Mainly, while playing airsoft or paintball, people get bruises that look like a round red ball on the skin. Sometimes the injury becomes so bad that it looks like popping.

Is the Paintball Hurts?


Have you ever noticed that when the rain showers with the high speed it feels itchy when it touches the skin? That means even a water drop can hurt if it gains speed. So, imagine how much the paintball will hurt. In the time the gun shoots the paintball it gain so much speed from the gun. If it touches a person, they will feel pain. Even in some cases, they can hurt seriously.

What is the Effectiveness of Body Armor and Mask in Paintball?

In airsoft, people wear so many things for safety purposes. Even they wear some type of face mask to avoid face injury and googles to save the eyes from injury. It is possible that the player can get injured in a different part of the body. In that case, the body armor will save the user or player from injury. Wearing high-quality body armor, the user can save themselves from the heaviest hit.

How Long Do Paintball Bruises Last


The lifetime of the paintball bruises will depend on how bad the injury is and how the person took care of it. Depending on those facts, paintball bruises can last one day to one week, even months to heal. However, for saying bye to the bruises as early as possible, one has to take care of them. One can properly care for the bruises.

Firstly, one has to wash the affected area properly and perfectly. Then they can help cold press the area to get rid of the unbearable pain. Also, it will constrict the blood vessels underneath the skin, helping minimize the blood flow. That is to relieve brushing and swelling. In case it’s not helping with the pain, one must take pain medication.

Another effective thing one can do if the bruises are in their leg ankle they can soak the legs inside Epsom salt hot water. It will minimize the pain as well as the bruises.




Paintball Bruises are a common phenomenon in paintball. The visibility in the skin will heal within some time. But the pain of it will last for a long time. One cannot even imagine how long. Some may take shelter under a clinic for some certain test and rest.

However, this thing can be prevented. One should wear a fully covered outfit while playing the game. Also, if they fall in it, they must take care of it as soon as possible. Proper decisions on time will save the paintball day of the player.

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