How Long Do Paintballs Last

How Long Do Paintballs Last

How Long Do Paintballs Last, a common question among all the paintball players? One has to know the lifetime of the paintball. Since people do not play the game daily, it’s a kind of seasonal game. At the same time, people cannot buy five or ten paintballs. They have to buy a whole package with hundreds of balls.

So, they need to know, if they store the ball until the next game, will they last and be in the position to be in the game. That’s an important consideration to make. Because, if one failed they will lose money and the game playing with bad paintballs.

Is Paintball a Game?

Paintball is one type of shooting game that is fun to play. People of age range at least 8 to above can play this game. In this game, players need to shoot the opponents with a fake gun and color bullets to prevent taking the flag. Also, one has to try to take the flag of another team.

If all the members of a team get shot they get eliminated. It is true if any other opponent takes the flag too. In this game, one has to use a gun that looks real but it’s not. A team of an exact number of players is required to play this game.

What is Paintball in the Paintball Game?

In the game, paintball one has to shoot paintball with a paintball gun. In the mentioned game one has to use paintball instead of bullets or bbs. The paintballs are made out of environmentally friendly biodegradable material. That material is not harmful to any being in the environment.

Properly round-shaped balls are filled with color and gluten. The color may be edible or non-edible but for sure not harmful.

How Long Do Paintballs Last

Any person who has ever come into contact with the paintball balls will know the physical structure of the balls. Those balls are soft and biodegradable. Manufacturers use naturally approved that have no harmful effect on the environment. Specifically, the paintballs are circular capsules. The outer layer of the ball is made out of gelatin.

Moreover, the gelatin ball is filled with colorful liquid. Normally, the color liquid is a mixture of dye and polyethylene glycol. Unfortunately, all those materials are not long-lasting. A higher temperature or any unfavorable weather condition can damage the balls. 

To make the balls long-lasting one has to keep them in a special type of temperature. Mainly, in cold and dry temperatures. Along with it, one has to keep turning over the balls after some time. Otherwise, the lower part will get damaged. Some people also make special arrangements for temperature control facilities to store the balls.

One has to remember if they failed to store the balls properly, the balls will die faster than anything. A warm temperature will make the balls unusable within some hours. It’s important to store the balls properly to make them long-lasting. How Long Do Paintballs Last .

Sign that Paintball has gone bad

If the paintballs are no longer on stage that one can use them, people will know by looking at the ball or by the smell. It is fact that paintballs are beyond cleaning and repair. Once it gets damaged a bit then one is done with it. So, the sign that the paintballs are damaged,

The outer shell becomes so hard.

The outer shell becomes so soft

Dimple in the body.

Change in shape or no longer have the original shape.

Failed the drop test at first

Bad odder

Have been in the house for more than a year.

The proper way to store paintballs

To avoid the situation mentioned above, one must properly store their paintballs. Because this is the only thing that they can do to run the paintballs for a longer time. The primary principle of storing the paintballs is cold and dry temperature.

A cold and dry temperature does not mean one can just tear the ball at the refrigerators. One has to follow certain regulations and temperature limits. However, one can arrange a special temperature-controlled facility, especially for the paintballs. Because too cold temperature can break the gelatin layer as well as frizz the liquid color.

Whatever the situation one must save their paintballs from the direct sunlight to avoid the UV. It will extend the life of the shell. One should keep the balls in 50 degrees F to 90 degrees F temperature in a dry place. Always remember to rotate the balls after sometime.

Final Words

To conclude, one can store the paintballs at home no longer than a week if they do not follow the standard storing way. If the owner store the paintballs maintain the proper guide and keep them away from UV, they will last at least 5 to 6 month.

One has to remember, whatever the process one cannot store the paintballs for more than a year. Moreover, once the balls lost their self-life one must not use them in any game. They must decompose or through the balls in the recycle bins. How Long Do Paintballs Last .

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