How long are Volleyball Games

How long are volleyball games, is a common question among beginner players. At the starting point, players do not know many things about the game. The time frame of volleyball is one of those unknown facts people want to know while starting. It’s not too unusual that people do not know these simple facts. Because the game’s run time depends on some points and rules, it is also considered that there is no exact time frame in the game. That’s what confused people.

However, with proper discussion, one can reach a destination to know the time limit of the game. Players can have a look below for more information.

How long are Volleyball Games


So, the concern or question mainly the armature asks is the volleyball games’ run time. Whether one is playing or wanting to enjoy the game, knowing the game’s runtime will make things easier. The answer to this query will depend on some facts for phrases related to the game. The central point that will affect the game time is the set of the game.

Mainly, volleyball is held in 2 or 3 sets, and the average time per set take is 25 minutes. First, the rally scoring referee will decide the winning team according to the point they gain during the whole time. Finally, the calculation will provide at least 60 to 90 minutes of the game’s runtime. Some of the games also run for more time, even longer than this. The world hasa record of more than 150 minute’s runtime of the game.

To better understand, we have to explain some of the features or phrases related to the game. Also, those factors will decide the runtime of the game.

What is Volleyball?

A volleyball is one kind of game with many rules and regulations where two teams fight to win.Two groups of at least six players play with a ball sized like a football in the game. But the material and other things are pretty different from football. Teams have to hit the ball with their hand over a high net.

Following some rules, the team will get the point. At the end of the game, a team will win according to the highest.

How many stets are in volleyball affects the runtime of the game?

In volleyball, the number of sets will depend. Mainly, one will face 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5 locations in the game. However, the game has three most common areas, which are 2 out of 3, 3 out of 5, and best out of 2. So, the game’s length will be different in each type of set. Let’s have a detailed look,

2 out of 3

In 2 out of 3 games, a team needs to win two sets. Initially, one will have to play for 25 points in the first two sets. After that, 15 points are required to win the 3rd set of the game. This format is the most common in the volleyball game history. One of the reasons behind its popularity is the long competition that offers more opportunities for each team. It will provide the chance to explore the game’s strategy and adopt the gaming style of the opponent team. So, the average time to complete the game in this set will take 60 minutes to 90 minutes.

3 out of 5

In 3 out of 5 games, a team needs to win three sets. Initially, one will have to play for 25 points in the first four sets. After that, 15 points are required to win the 3rd set of the game. This format is the most common in professional volleyball game history. Also, some of the high school volleyball use this format.

Like the first set, one of the reasons behind its popularity is the long competition that offers more opportunities for each team. It will provide the chance to explore the game’s strategy and adopt the gaming style of the opponent team. So, the average time to complete the game in this set will take 90 minutes to 150 minutes.

Best Out of 2

This best out 2 is something different from the other game sets. A team has to win two sets if they want to win the game. Usually, this match ends at one or sometimes 2-0 but not more than this. Sometimes the team becomesthe same at last, and the game pronounces to be a draw.

People use this format when they do not have much time. Also, if the game organizer is facing some issue managing time, mostly, it takes 50 minutes to 6 minutes to end the game.

What is a Rally?

In volleyball, a rally is some action that once the ball is in play mode where both teams compete to earn a point. When the teams start the game, that time the rally start, and teams begin moving the ball. After that, the referee will allow three people in the opposite team to return the attack

once the ball is across the net.

So, the way rally can complete, there is a different way for it. Usually, the rally will end when the ball contacts the ground or when the player misses the hit.

How long is a rally?

One already knows the definition and other details of the rally. However, people sometimes still feel confused about the run time of the rally in volleyball. So, the runtime of the rally in the game can be 1 second long or minutes long. The time will depend on the performance of the team member. They can run the rally for a longer or shorter time.

What is the rally length in a professional volleyball game?

Since one is talking about professional volleyball games, it is about some highly expert people. So, one will face the longest time of the volleyball game. Below, we have illustrated some of the best rallies of history.

Rally Men Women
Average rally 5,51 seconds 7,25 seconds
Average rally without pseudo-rallies 6,9 seconds 8,25 seconds


What are the other factors that affect the runtime of volleyball?

We have already discussed the main point that affects the game’s runtime. However, the game still has some facts or moment that makes the game run for a longer time. The time frame for those facts will depend on the situation and the people’s personal preference in the game. Have a look at the points for a detailed understanding.


One of the common phenomena that increase the time of the game is the timeouts. This is called the official game pause that happens for some severe but particular issue. Only the team captain and coach can request a timeout in the game. It is common in competitive and professional games. When the players get too tired, the captainasks for a timeout in each set.

Another form of timeout is technical timeout. People often see the technical timeout thing in the FIVB, World, or other official tournaments. When a leading team reaches the 8th and 16h point mark, it will last 60 seconds. Notably, one has to keep in mind that they cannot call for a technical timeout in the fifth and final set of the game.

Set interval

One may get the idea about its meaning by the name. So, the set interval is the time between the sets. At the end of every set, the referee will ask both teams to switch their side of the game. If one asks the set interval time, there is no exact answer. Because the set interval will depend on the player, the tale to switch places can be 5 minutes long, maybe less or more. However, the expected set interval is not more than 2 minutes.

Tie-Breaking Interval

Tie-breaking interval set numbers 3 or 5. It happens in exceptional cases of the game. It will happen when the team reaches 8 points. At this time, both teams have to change the side on the court.

In between Rallies

We already know the detail of the rally and the time the referee needs to take to execute. Also, it takes 25 minutes to complete a set, and it is a rally. One has to remember that they have to take time between rallies. Specifically,a rally can last between 4 seconds to 8 seconds. Also, it can take an average of 18 seconds to start a recovery.

Getting the Ball

When one gets a score, the ball can travel anywhere far. Sometimes, a MissBall travels out of the ground. In that situation, one has to get the ball and wait for the ball to come. Depending on the dimension of the area, the time of getting the ball will vary. It can take more than 10 seconds, sometimesminutes, to finally get into the game. Also, the time will depend on the person who will take the ball from out of the ground. If the person is slow, it may take more time.

Special Situation

The particular situation involves any hardship of the player or the ground. Sometimes when the game is in summer, the player gets extremely tired and requires some drinks. In some cases, players get fainted because of the stamina they invest in the game. In this situation, the game may require extra minutes.

Sometimes, the referee needs to substitution some player with another because of tiredness or if the player gets any injury. It will also add some extra time to the game.


How long are Volleyball Games? It is one of the common questions people ask and hear. Hopefully, one has all the details to understand the point. One has to keep in mind that the runtime of the volleyball game depends on so many factors. To understand a thing, they have to understand the things related to the time frame.

However, they have to set their mind to the fact that there is no fixed time for the game. Therefore, when one starts the game, they cannot assure when it will end.

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