How Long Are Longboards?

One of the common questions that often arise is how long longboards are. The size of the longboardsis one of the significant parts that people need to know. Because the right side of the board will help fastest the learning process, if one picks the wrong size, they will struggle with the board for quite a long time.

As for the longboard, one will find quite descriptive information online. However, some failed to understand the right one even after that. However, this article will create a proper and straightforward understanding of the armature. They will know what they are looking for at the end of the read.

How Long Are Longboards?


If one is thinking about buying a longboard, one needs to know the perfect size of the board. Because picking the ideal length is a significant part of getting comfortable with the game. While looking for the size, they will find three types in that.

Long Size


Extended size is the longest skateboard in longskateboard and every skateboard. In length, no board can cross this size. The reason for manufacturing skateboards of this size is the most extended feet of the longer people. The tall people, like 6 feet or more, struggled with the other size because of their height and the length of their feet. So, this one will give a pleasant and relaxing ride to the taller people. So, the average size of the longest longboard is 50 inches in length. As for the wide, it’s 8.5 inches for the narrow board and 8.5+ for the wide panel.



It is the average size of a long skateboard. Almost comfortable for every type of player. Many taller people also prefer the midsize skateboard for their skating. This board is the most cruising board of all kinds. Often one will see skaters making crazy moves with this size on the road. Some people even get a long ride. So, the average size of the midsize longboard is 42 inches in length. As for the wide, it’s 8.5 inches for the narrow board and 8.5+ for the wide panel.

Short Size


The shortest size among the long skateboard is a quick size. If one is a fan of a longboard but has tiny feet will prefer this size. Also, the younger people feel comfortable with this size. Mostly, the girls use this size as their longboard.So, the average size of the longest longboard is 34 inches in length. As for the wide, it’s 8.5 inches for the narrow board and 8.5+ for the wide panel.

What are the things that will decide how long longboards are?


When it comes to the size of the longboard, one has to consider so many things. Because those things will affect the game, and if one ignores those while choosing, they will be wasted. The process may seem complicated the first time, but it’s not. All the terms one has to lock for are simple. One will not have to face any complex calculation or technical issues. So they are,

Height of the User


When choosing the longboard, the user’s height is an essential part to consider. If the user is tall and hasaround six or more, the longer boards are perfect for them. Because taller people mean more extended feet, they will struggle to place their feet on the deck if the board is not long enough. People also can choose the midsize board of 42 inches. Besides, the short size is perfect for younger people and girls.



Significantly, the skater’s age had an impact on the choice of the size of longboards. Because generation decides height, weight, and other things, one may see things organized according to age in the sports shops. Also, in the online shop, the manufacturer put recommended age in the description.

Length of the Wheelbase


One of the initial considerations is the wheelbase measurement before selecting the board size. A longer wheelbase will ensure the rider’s safety compared to the short base. If the base is more extended, the board will be. If looking for more balance and speed, one should choose the long wheelbase.



The final significant consideration is the shape of the longboard for selecting the size. However, this one depends on the buyer’s personal preference or the user. For now, one can choose two options. One is symmetrical, and another one is directional.

Which size to choose in the longboard according to the longboard style?


Yes, it’s true. One will find different styles in the longboard. The size of the longboard will depend on the type of the board and the riding style of the skater. Let’s have a detailed look,



The first style in the row is cruising. In case moving in the street on speed is one favorite, they better bring a stable and comfortable board which is good for balance. For batter stability at high speed, the longer board is perfect. One may look for the mid to long-size board for fast cruising.



Among the young generation, downhill longboarding is one of their favorite activities. Boarders like to gain at least 50mph speed while boarding in the downhill. For getting maximum speed, one has to choose the longer board. So, one has to go for the longboard for doing downhill boarding. If a pro in longboarding, they can go for the midsize one.



While doing freeride, they are cruising and carving at moderate speed. Also, this will involve some sharp and tricky moves. Overall, one has to go for stability this time. For freeriding, the midsize board will be perfect. However, according to height and age, people may have to use the short one.



It is the final style for the longboard size. Freestyle is one of the preferred styles. As the meaning of the name, one can do anything in freestyle. So the size of the board will be a personal preference.

What is the difference between a longboard and a skateboard?


The differences between longboard and skateboard are a huge deal. First, one will know that they put two different boards side by side. The first thing they will notice is the style and size of the boards. As for the longboard, it is flat in both nose and tail size. In contrast, the skateboard is curvier on both sides.

Surprisingly, the longboard is longer than the skateboard. Normally, a skateboard is 36 inches long, but a longboard can be over 52 inches long. As for the balance in two boards, a longboard is a winner. The length and wheelbase provide more stability and balance than the skateboard because of the size and wheelbase. It offers more stability and balanced compared to the skateboard.

If one is for doing tricks and looking for speed to do some cruising and downhill ride, the longboard is what they are looking for. Skateboard is also suitable, but longboard is the best for speed and balance at the same time. Now, the riders should decide what they are looking for.



How long are longboards? This is one of the essential concerns for all the longboards out there. Because selecting the wrong size for some particular move can cause an accident. Also, for beginners, choosing the wrong size can ruin their confidence before entering into the fun part. Choosing the right size is complicated at some points.

The reason behind the confusion in the size of the longboard is so many factors that affect the choice. So, if one decides to buy a longboard, they first need to consider those facts. Hopefully, the discussion above will help find the right size in the longboard.

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