Best Airsoft Pants

Best airsoft pants are an important consideration for every airsoft player. One cannot play the game in casual dress. If the game is an official tournament or playing under an organization, one must follow the dress code. In the dress, code one needs to wear airsoft pants of exact size. Too tight or too loose pant is not allowed or suitable in the game.

However, this game can be harmful in some cases because of the gun, airsoft, outside particles, weather, and so on. In this case, the pantscan save their legs from injury and cold. It will warm the legs to be active and run. Let’s know more about the product from below.

Is the Airsoft Hurts?

Have you ever noticed that when the rain showers with the high speed it feels itchy when it touches the skin? That means even a water drop can hurt if it gains speed. So, imagine how much the airsoft will hurt. In the time the gun shoots the airsoft it gain so much speed from the gun. If it touches a person they will feel pain. Even in some cases, they can hurt seriously.

What is the Effectiveness of Pants in Airsoft?

In airsoft, people wear so many things for safety purposes. Even they wear some type of face mask to avoid face injury and googles to save the eyes from injury. Here, the pants in the game are as important as other equipment. It is possible that the player can get injured in a different part of the body. In that case, the pants will save the user or player from a leg injury and extreme cold.

What is the Base Material of the Airsoft Pants?

The pants need to be of high quality and heavy-duty. The construction of the pants needs to be stronger. So that it can tackle sharper and harder hits. Mainly, the manufacturer uses synthetic cotton, nylon, and some other similar material most of the time. This material is lightweight but strong, and comfortable.

What is the Airsoft long Pant Size?




X-small/ Small

24 inches to 30 inches

29.5 inches

Medium/ Large

30 inches to 36 inches

31 inches

X large/ 2x Large

38 inches to 44 inches

32 inches

3x large/ 4x Large

44 inches to 50 inches


What is the Airsoft Short Pant Size?




X-small/ Small

24 inches to 30 inches

13 inches

Medium/ Large

30 inches to 36 inches

13.5 inches

X large/ 2x Large

38 inches to 44 inches

14 inches

3x large/ 4x Large

44 inches to 50 inches

14.5 inches

What is the Airsoft Joggers Size?




X-small/ Small

28 inches to 30 inches

27 inches

Medium/ Large

34 inches to 36 inches

29 inches

X large/ 2x Large

38 inches to 40 inches

31 inches

3x large/ 4x Large

42 inches to 44 inches

33 inches

What is the Airsoft Sliders Size?




Leg Opening


24 inches to 30 inches

15.5 inches

6.25 inches


38 inches to 33 inches

16 inches

6.75 inches


31 inches to 36 inches

18 inches

7.5 inches

Extra Large

34 inches to 39 inches

18.5 inches

8.25 inches

What are the Things to Consider While Buying Airsoft Pants?

Though getting shot by an airsoft gun is not dangerous, the mark can take weeks to fade away. Also, one may feel pain in the spot for days. If one has sensitive skin they will suffer more. Wearing regular clothing can cause those problems. If one does not want to fall into any kind of accident must wear airsoft dedicated clothing. Buying airsoft body armor is not something one will find hard. Just some basic ideas about the product will greatly impact the decision. The things one must consider are,


Manufacturers use a different type of material as a base while manufacturing body armor. Mainly, those materials are strong and heavy-duty. Two common materials are Nylon and Polyester. Almost every manufacturer used these materials. Besides, the Kevlar materials are another heavy-duty and strongest material of the body armor.

Moreover, high-grade synthetic material ensures the strength and durability of the armor. So, it will provide vast protection against the heaviest hit.


Some of the companies designed free-size armor and some designed different size armor for the buyer. One has to give care to the size while buying it. If one buys anything that they feel suffocating wearing the thing will become a waste of money. Besides, lose fit armor is not recommended. The important thing one has to do is never buy a small size armor.

One must be able to zip the front after wearing the armor. The arm should be properly placed and comfortable. One can follow the size guide of the manufacturer to choose the right size.


Wearing a piece of cloth that is not breathable is the worst thing one can experience. While playing airsoft one has to spend the time under the sun and have to run. If the armor is not breathable running will be difficult for the user. They will feel tired at short and will be out of the game.

Extra Storage

Having an armor with extra storage in it is not a mandatory feature. It’s a plus feature. If the armor has some extra pockets and space it will be great. If not, that’s fine. One can store bbs or some other thing like a small water bottle in the armor if it has extra pockets. That’s a plus point in the field.

Best Airsoft Pants

Playing airsoft is fun sometimes it painful. If someone gets shot by the bbs of the gun they will get hurt. If anyone gets a shot of an airsoft gun from a near distance then the injury can be worst. That’s why one must take safety precautions before entering the game. Among the safety precaution wearing a proper costume like pantsareimportant. A high-quality costume will save the player from serious injury.

Anyone who knows about this game will know how fun this game is to play. In summer, no game or fun activity can beat the airsoft game. Making a team with family and friends, going to a summer camp, and playing this game is the best way to spend the summer vacation. Besides, this game is considered to be initial training for the defend persons. They play this game for days into the woods to get an idea of the real scenario out there.

The airsoft game involves shooting bbs targeting the human opponents. That means if they do not take proper safety precautions they will get hurt. The bbs can hurt the skin, eyes, teeth, and more. Also, they have to play this in open space means other insects and species can cause harm if they do not cover their body fully.

Because of those reasons, one has to wear proper outfits which will save the skin of the player from harmful insects and bullets. Those are the reasons people wear so many things for safety purposes. Wearing proper airsoft pants is one of those safety precautions people should take.

If one is searching for the best airsoft pants and end up in this article, they already know that how many options the market provides in this category. Usually, one will get confused if there are hundreds of better options to pick. This becomes trickery. This is true for the airsoft clothing. The market has hundreds of good options to choose from.

Therefore, our research team used the best product and select the CARWORNIC Men’s Combat Pants Rip-Stop Military Airsoft Hunting. The selection of this product involved quality, performance, and price. Overall, this one is a better option to make for all types of people. These pants will not only save the user from the extreme cold but save the legs from a painful hit of bbs as well as harmful insects inside the woods.

As for the pants of the CARWORNIC brand, it is one of the most popular pants in the market for airsoft players. Also, the military person likes these pants. Besides, people buy and use these pants in their regular life because of the comfort and breathability of the pant. If one is looking for a pant that is tough tactical and withstands tear in the toughest and roughest situation, this pant is a good option. Wearing these pants one can run, crawl, and scratch easily. It will not get teared even in the heaviest use.

Even one can do hiking, hill climbing with these pants. Made out of 35% cotton and 65% polyester makes the quality of the pants is more than average. One will feel the lightweight and breathability of the pant. Yet the outfit is the toughest, rough, and rugged one.

Another thing about the pant is its water repellent. That means one can play the game with comfort even in the rain. However, this is not waterproof, so much rain can cause an issue. Also, one can squeeze the pant to remove the water and it will dry quickly. Surprisingly, it will not get any crack which means one will not go to laundry or press the pant before wearing them.

This one is one of the most go-to pants one can have anywhere they want. Also, the pattern, design, and color of the pant will go perfectly well with so many other outfits. Since the manufacturer manufactured the pant in many different sizes, sizing will not be a problem.

One can say this pant is way ahead of recent time. Because the manufacturer ads several Velcro spots on different parts of the pant to adjust the pant according to the figure of the user. That’s not the end. A surprising addition to the pant is in its knee and ankle part. One can adjust the size here. Also, there are two pads in the slot of two knees which will protect the knee from injury.

In case one is obsessed with pockets in their pants, they have a piece of good news. This pant features around 10 pockets for different use. One can put all their small valuable things inside their pockets. Also, the zipped feature of the pockets will keep the belongings safe and secure.

Figure: Overall Performance of CARWORNIC Men’s Combat Pants









35% cotton and 65% polyester


CP / Black


Different options

Closure type

hood & loop panel buckle with zipper


10 cargo pockets


Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter



Pros and Cons



Made with a combination of the best material.

It is water repellant and abrasion-resistant.

One can adjust the waist and knee size of the pant with an adjustable belt.

Users can adjust the pant size according to their figure.

In the ankle, there is two protection pad.

One can run, hike, climb, and do every heavy-duty activity wearing these pants.

Multiple cargo pockets allow the user to store their belongings securely.

Not so lightweight.


Hopefully, this article is informative and well organized for finding the best airsoft pants. One must think about how important a piece of cloth can be. For them, airsoft is an amusing and risky game. One may get hurt by the bbs as well as from nature. Many people play or practice military training inside the woods. Without covering the full body and wearing all the safety measures, this can be too risky.

In the process covering the legs and protecting the knees are extremely important. One cannot just ignore the fact if they want to be saved from serious injury.

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