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It's no unknown fact that airsoft guns are accurate and direct replicas of real guns. They are made of a plastic-like material and the bullets have been replaced by round BBs. unless no one says or picks it up, anyone can't tell if an airsoft gun is real.. Best airsoft P90 guns are one of the many which are an accurate replica of the real gun.

Since these are replicas, the entire weapon is made of plastic, but it's sturdy and durable. All P90 guns perform as well as real guns in airsoft games. In addition, these guns are ideal for military training before holding a real gun.

What is considered to be the best FPS For Airsoft P90?

FPS or feet per second is the measurement term of the gun that determines the speed of the bbs. For the airsoft P90, one cannot just choose any FPS. One has to choose anything between 450 FPS and 550 FPS. This range of fps is considered to be the perfect measure for the airsoft gun.

Is There Any Specific Type of Battery for P90 Airsoft Gun?

Mainly, the industry has three types of battery specified for the airsoft game. Those are,

  • Nickel Cadmium
  • Nikel Metal Hydride
  • Lithium-ion

Among three of the battery for airsoft guns, P90 can use any of them. However, we will recommend the lithium-ion battery. Because of the lightweight, and overall high supply of energy, those are perfect for the game. It will not add extra weight but run for a long time.

What Material did the Manufacturer used in the Airsoft P90 Guns?

Normally, all the gearbox of airsoft guns features metal as base material. It is the same as the airsoft P90 guns. The manufacturers use metal for the gearbox of this gun. Because metal ensures the durability of the inner mechanism and overall body of the gun. Because the amount of force the gearbox carries is not tolerable for plastic. One must not buy a p90 gun that hasa plastic gearbox even if it cost a little extra.

Best Airsoft P90

The airsoft P90 or cybergun is the fully licensed product of one of the best airsoft manufacturers Krytac. This manufacturer is a world in itself. Originally, these guns are designed in the 1990s. the purpose of them was the replacement of the chambered 9mm weapons. The impact design of these guns is best for a close shot in self-protection.

As for the mimic gun of the real one, Krytac did some unique changes in the gun to make it more convenient in the game. Amazingly, the P90 feels like any other version of the gun that appeared earlier. Therefore, when one will use a gun, it's a very familiar feeling.

This sensation is often transformed into a shooting experience and the natural aiming of the weapon. It provides three different iron sights for players who want to refrain from using red dots.The biggest advantage of this gun is its trigger. It is the best trigger in airsoft history. The smoothest performance with travel distance adjustable features will steal the heart of the airsoft lover.

As for today, the king is the Evike Full-Size P90 In Tan, one of the best P90 guns in the market money can buy. This one brings a metal gearbox with a plastic frame. That means this one will be the best in the game. Overall, it will give 400 to 410 fps in every shoot with 68 round magazines. Another good side of the gun is it lightweight. One will feel easy and comfortable carrying this beauty.

Overall, the performance of the gun is accurate and fast. One will get the highest fps in 50 feet distance. One can reliably shoot the target with this gun accurately even 100 feet away. That is quite intensive and mesmerizing.

As for the user experience, it is easy to operate the gun with the simplest design of the gun. The metal gearbox of the gun makes it possible to get a fast and furious shoot in every game. Also, the gun is extremely durable and good-looking.








Frame Material

Plastic, Metal

Gear box



Gun Only - Dark Earth






400 to 410 fps

Thread Direction

14mm Negative


Wired to the rear with a small Tamiya, 7.4V 1000mAh recommended

Item Weight

2540 Grams

Pros and Cons



One of the best and licensed guns in the industry.

Sturdy and strong.

Extremely durable.

The unbeatable gearbox as well as the trigger.

The trigger features distance measuring before the shot.

It can be shot extremely fast and strong.

Lightweight and easy to carry.

No manufacturer cons for this beauty.


Expectedly one has already gained enough idea or knowledge whatever one says of best airsoft p90.  Buying one may seem the hardest thing since it requires quite a healthy amount of money. When one came to buying the guns with enough information they will not overwhelm by the plethora of options.

Rather they will feel confident to purchase because they already have enough knowledge about what should they do and what they want out of their valuable money. Hopefully, this article is enough to gather information regarding the product.

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