Airsoft Guns Under 100$

Best Airsoft Guns Under 100$ For 2022

Best Airsoft Guns Under 100$ , Airsoft guns are specially created gun, which is a master copy of real guns. There are various kinds of airsoft guns available in terms of price, size, design, colour combinations, accuracy etc. Though they have similarities in works and operating, there are still many differences available depending on various terms. One of those terms is price. For the price level, quality and operating procedure have become the difference between the guns.

This article will talk about the best Airsoft guns available under 100 USD and try to talk about the differences between these and other guns.

So let us go to the article and talk about this thing briefly.

What is Air Soft Guns?

Airsoft guns are specially created guns that follow the manufacturer system of real guns. Though they are almost the same in design and other things, there are some differences between them, which is the product's materials.

Airsoft guns are mainly used in airsoft games and military stimulatory training. For that reason, they are created with strong materials and items.

The price range of Air Soft Guns

Though there are various kinds of airsoft guns available and contain almost similar kinds of activities, still the difference in price ranges. Users will find many types of prices in this sector. Manufacturers settle these prices according to their production costs.

We are going to add a table chart about the price range of airsoft guns.

Price Range

Product Names


Under 100$

1.Glock 17 Blowback

Original Glock, Cylinder with 12 grams, Great FPS level

2.BBTac M83 Airsoft Guns

Rechargeable battery, heat shield, dot scope

3.Glock 19 Gen 3

Light frame, push-button safety

4.FN Scar L Spring Powered Airsoft Rifle

It can hold 50 rounds of BB And 300 FPS.

Under 200$

1.Interceptor LPR ST

Electric and 395 FPS

2.Velken ASM Mode M

Electric and 345 FPS

3.Game Face Insurgent

Electric and 400 FPS

Under 500$

G&G CM16 SR-ARP9 Carbine

340 FPS and Iron sight

ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 Carbine AEG

446 FPS and Nylon Fiber with a metal item


360FPS and 180 rds of magazine

More than 500$ and more

Game Face GFR37 Elite Renegade Spring-powered Single-shot Airsoft Rifle, Dark Earth/Black

400 rounds, metal and spring piston power type

Lancer Tactical Gen 2 Airsoft Rifle SD M4 GEN 2 Polymer- Electric Full/Semi-Auto Airsoft AEG Rifle

300 rounds with spring piston

BUSH Master BMPWX Full Auto MPW CO2-powered BB Air Rifle with Dual Action Capability And Red DOT Sight.

Alloy steel and Plastic Material

Best Airsoft Guns 100$ Review

Beginner users need to choose which is perfect for their practice and learning. Some experts always suggest buying the lower-level product at the beginning level for the help of new learners. However, there are some problems too. Lower level product is not as good as others are. They have different kinds of problems like part problems, manufacturer’s problem, quality issues etc.

Nevertheless, some brands have had amazing quality since day one with a cheap price range. Now we are going to talk about those products here:

1.HK Heckler and Koch HK14

2.GameFace GF76 Electric Full-Semi AUTO

3.GameFace Single-shot Rifle

4.BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M62

5.BBTac Airsoft Gun Package

HK Heckler and Koch HK14


1.This item can shoot long-range very easily with a distance of 330-350 Feet.

2.Having both semi and fully automatic systems together, this product has great strength in it.

3.Front and rear sight are also available in this product.

4.Durability of this item is also good.

5. Frame of this item is also perfect.


Hard to find any cons for this item.


A product from a world-class brand called Bushmaster with great price and features. Users will find great feelings by using this item because of its design. It can give 430 FPS Speed that is far better for this type of lower price gun. In addition, it has rail-mounted dot sight with the colour red. A six-point rear stock is also available in this gun. Having lasers and other things are also perfect for beginners. Best Airsoft Guns Under 100$ .


Durability: The durability of this item is perfect for all, and for that reason, users love to use this item.

Range: The range of this item is also great, and it can cover almost 350 FPS at a time.

Sight: The sight of this product is also great. Having both rear and front sight is a great addition to the product.

Auto Firing Mode: This item can easily stand with any other gun with a semi and automatic firing mode.

Accessories: This item contains great accessories like a laser, flashlight, red dot light etc. For all of this, users can easily get attracted to this item.

Price: The price of this item is approachable for all and easy to manage with the budget.


Package Dimension

29.23*9.46*3.31 inches

Package weight

3.44 KG


1*1*1 inches




One year


Bushmaster MPW Full Auto With Red Dot






Crosman Corporation


Bushmaster BMPWX Full Auto MPW CO2-powered BB Air Rifle with Dual Action Capability And Red Dot Sight.


Air BB Rifle


One Size


Hunting and others

First Release

April 25, 2019

Other Products

1.GameFace GF76 Electric semi/Full Auto

2.GameFace Single Shot Rifle

Can We Consider Airsoft as Firearm?

Airsoft guns are not considered firearms because they are the copy of original guns. However, not as dangerous as real guns. For that reason, government allow this gun as a recreational product.

Can Airsoft guns hurt players?

As we, all know airsoft guns use paintballs that are created of everyday items. These things are painful but not as much dangerous as real guns. If users use body vest perfectly, they will not harm seriously.

Why do people use Airsoft Guns?

People use airsoft guns for various reasons like paintball games, practising, arms training and more. Airsoft guns are very important for this kind of activity because it is safe to use and cheap.

Can 400-500 FPS harm skin?

Yes, they can. If a player is hit from 50-60 feet, it will dangerously harm and affect the user’s skin. Moreover, this thing gives unbearable pain to the users and permanent scars to the skin.

That is why players need to use a body vest during the game.

Can a BB consider a Self-defense gun?

The answer to this question is yes. Sometimes users can use it in a dangerous position for saving themselves. These guns look like original guns, so attackers will get confused and leave the victim.

Which Materials are mandatory to create Airsoft guns?

Some materials are very important for creating airsoft guns. In addition, users need to know about these items carefully. Here they are:

1.Cast iron


3.Tip(Orange in colour)

Things to consider

Users need to consider many things before buying airsoft guns in a selected price range. Here they are:

Quality: First of all, users need to check the quality of the product. Because most of the time, low price products are not built in a good manufacturer, situations and quality levels are low. Therefore, users need to consider this thing before buying.

Durability: Users also need to check the product's durability because normally, airsoft guns can serve their users for a long time. Therefore, users need to check this thing before purchasing.

Magazine: Magazine of the product is also important. Sometimes lower price products do not give good quality magazines, and for that, reason users get into trouble during the game. Therefore, users need to check this out.

FPS: Users also need to check out the FPS of the product because it is very important to watch. In addition, it has a great effect on the game.

Accuracy: The accuracy of the gun is also important because of lots of things. First, soft game users need to aim the target perfectly to get the point during an air. For that, reason accuracy is a necessary thing to do.

Calibre: Users also need to check the calibre of the product whether it can hit the target strongly.

Brands: Whether the price is low or high, users need to check the brand because good brands always provide amazing items.

Is it worth buying under 100$ Airsoft guns?

We can answer this question in both ways, negatively and positively.

If the user is a beginner player with no experience of the game, then it is perfect for him/her to buy this product to learn the game. These types of guns are enough to fulfil the normal requirements of the airsoft gun. So armature and beginner's level, using this item is worth.

On the other hand, using this gun is not appreciable for the professional and expert level of play because the quality of this gun does not suit others, guns.

So for that thing using this price's gun is not worthy.

Final Words

In the end, we can say that there are lots of good products available, fewer than a hundred dollars in the market. However, not all product is as good as users want. Therefore, we have a make a list and give one of their descriptions for the help of our users. Also, add some comparisons and a list there. We hope that our users will be happy by reading this article and they will be satisfied by our information's. Also, believe that this thing will help them shortly. Best Airsoft Guns Under 100$ .


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