Best Airsoft Ghillie Suits Under 50 Dollars

Best airsoft ghillie suits under 50 dollars will help the airsoft players, hunters, and defenders to stay invisible at an affordable price. The ghillie suits are popular among the airsoft players who will play in the woods. Also, the hunters love and frequently use this type of suit in their hunting. One can hide using this outfit while even targeting the target.

Moreover, the military persons do their training as active defenders in the field to normalise the situation. While wearing the suits, one will never know if a person or random trees are standing there. Let’s learn more about the product from below.

What is Ghillie Suits?


Ghillie suits are also known as camouflaged outfits which means boy in Scottish. The history of the ghillie suits are pretty reach. Around 1800 years ago, some ancient people first made these suits to hide from the opponent during the war. In the 20th-century defence industry designed and manufactured this item to give extra protection to the military.

At first, the Scottish and British used these suits. At present many countries use these suits for many purposes.

Who can use Ghillie suits?


Ghillie suits are not regular ones. It’s a highly circumstances-based outfit some specific fields can wear. It’s not like it’s illegal to wear. But imagine wearing a company full of grass and all in the street. People will consider the person as a fancy dress competition participant or mad.

However, the airsoft players going inside the woods, military trainees or military persons, and hunters should wear this outfit while in the woods. Also, in the time when they need to hide from something.

Is it possible to wash Ghillie suits?


If one is thinking about washing the ghillie suits using a washing machine, the answer is no. one cannot and should not wash ghillie suits in a washing machine. It will create a mess inside the machine. Also, the suits will get ruined.

If one has to wash the suits, they must wash them using hands. They have to remember that the design of the claims will fall off if they behave extra rush with it. So they have to clean it softly with patience.


What are the things to consider while buying the best airsoft ghillie suits under 50 dollars?


Though getting shot by an airsoft gun is not dangerous, the mark can take weeks to fade away. Also, one may feel pain in the spot for days. If one has sensitive skin, they will suffer more. Wearing regular clothing can cause those problems. Also, in some cases, the players need to hide from the opponent; wearing an item of traditional clothing will not help hide.

So, this special ghillie suit is designed so that the players can hide inside the woods quickly. Surprisingly, it will make the players invisible even if he targets the opponent.



Manufacturers use a different type of material as a base while manufacturing ghillie suits. Mainly, those materials are solid and heavy-duty. Two common materials are Nylon and Polyester. Almost every manufacturer uses these materials. Besides, some other heavy-duty and strongest materials are common in the manufacturing process.

Moreover, high-grade synthetic material ensures the strength and durability of the suits. So, it will provide extended protection against the heaviest hit.



Some companies designed free-size suits, and some designed different sizes for the buyer. One has to give care to the size while buying it. If one believes anything that they feel suffocating wearing, it will become a waste of money. Besides, as ghillie suits, the oversized is not recommended because it will fall off.

One must be able to zip the front after wearing the suits. The arm should be placed appropriately and comfortable. One can follow the size guide of the manufacturer to choose the right size.



Wearing a piece of cloth that is not breathable is the worst thing one can experience. While playing airsoft, one has to spend the time under the sun and run. If the armour is not breathable, running will be difficult for the user. They will feel tired at short and will be out of the game.



If one has a glimpse of the ghillie suits, they will know how to mess it looks. So many elements are over the suits to decorate them with a realistic look. In the process, some of the suits become heavy. Since the player needs to wear the outfit for quite a long time, a heavy dress is unsuitable.

So before buying the outfit, one must check the weight of it. In case it seems heavy, one should avoid buying it. Because wearing a severe outfit and roaming around the woods will make the player tired quickly.

Level of Realistic Look


The primary purpose of the ghillie suits is to hide the person or make them invisible. To do so, the outfit needs to be extremely real. If one is trying to look like a bunch of grass, it is better to look exactly like the grass.

However, some of the ghillie suits are not designed to be specific from the first day. The user can alter the design according to their neighbourhood of them. They can form it with leaves or grass, anything they want.

Best Airsoft Ghillie Suits Under 50 Dollars


Playing airsoft is fun. Sometimes it is painful. If someone gets shot by the bbs of the gun, they will get hurt. If anyone gets a shot of an airsoft gun from a near distance, the injury can be worst. That’s why one must take safety precautions before entering the game. Among the safety precaution wearing a proper costume like pants are essential. A high-quality costume will save the player from serious injury.

Anyone who knows about this game will know how fun this game is to play. In summer, no contest or fun activity can beat the airsoft game. Making the team with family and friends, going to a summer camp, and playing this game are the best ways to spend the summer vacation. Besides, this game is considered initial training for the defend persons. They play this game for days into the woods to get an idea of the actual scenario out there.

The airsoft game involves shooting bbs targeting the human opponents. That means if they do not take proper safety precautions, they will get hurt. The bbs can hurt the skin, eyes, teeth, and more. Also, they have to play this in open space means other insects and species can cause harm if they do not cover their bodies. To be safe, they wear so many safety outfits like body armour, gloves, pants, and so on.

However, one of the simplest things from the opponent’s hit is becoming invisible. In that case, the ghillie suit will help. It will help the player become invisible being in the field. If they successfully choose the right outfit, no one can find them if they do not want to be seen.

After extensive research, our team selected the Pinty Ghillie Suit 3D, Tactical Woodland. These full-coverage suits will hide the airsoft player behind them. If the woods are too grassy and woody, nothing is better than this suit to become invisible. Not only airsoft, one can use it in hunting, fishing and on Halloween.

As for the quality, the outfit is lightweight, waterproof, high density, and multi-layer. It will help in staying warm in the gold weather too. In addition, these suits will protect the user from insects and harmful elements. It’s a full set outfit; one will get a jacket, pants, mask, and some other stuff. The 3D appearance in colour and design of the pants will perfectly mimic the tress and grace inside the woods.


Features Details
Manufacturer Pinty
Brand Pinty
Material Polyester & polypropylene fibre
Colour 3D canon
Size different
Weight 4.4 lbs
Includes mask, jacket, pants, gun cover, and stuff sack


Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Made of heavy-duty and high-quality material.


Extremely lightweight that one will not feel the mess outside.


The waterproof features of the suit will give comfort.


High density and multi-layer suits will keep the user comfortable even in the extreme cold.


The realistic feature of the suits will make the user invisible.

One cannot wash it in the machine.




To sum up, the best airsoft ghillie suits under 50 dollars is the option for the airsoft to be hidden in the affordable range. As a best quality ghillie suit, it has to have specific qualifications. Mainly the claims need to be off completely waterproof. While playing in the woods means random interaction with rain. If the suit is not waterproof, it will become 100 times heavier and more uncomfortable. Also, it needs to be lightweight and breathable.

Hopefully, this article will help the seekers find the best one for themselv

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