Best Airsoft g36

Best Airsoft g36

Best Airsoft g36 is a special kind of gun, which is very famous amongst airsoft players. As we, all know in airsoft games, users need to use many guns. Those guns are different from each other based on manufactures and other things.

In this article, we will talk about the Best Airsoft g36 guns, which are considered one of the vintage guns in the history of airsoft games.

So please do not waste any time and let's go to the article for further information.

What is Air Soft g36

Airsoft g36 is a kind of gun, which is used at airsoft games for a long time. It is a special type of replica, which is perfect for long term use. With lots of amazing features and specifications, users get total comfort in using this thing. Full metal parts with lots of accessories added to this product. Users can do the automatic shooting with this gun. This gun can go for at least 400 rounds in a row.

This is a strong product with great design and colour combinations.

Parts of Airsoft G36

Making a gun or its replica is not an easy job to do. Users need to use many things to make it. There are various parts available in Airsoft guns that are very important for it. Here we are going to talk about parts of Airsoft G36 guns.



3.Chamber Unit

4.Thermal Scope

5.Normal Scope

These things are an important and necessary part of this gun.

Best Airsoft G36 Guns Review

                        As we all know now, Air Soft G36 is one of the unique and vintage master copies of the original G36, which is only used as stimulatory items or game materials. There are many good products available for this item, and in this portion of the article, we will talk about it. Here they are:

1. Elite Force HK Heckler & Koch G36 C AEG Automatic

At first of our list, we like to introduce a product towards our users that is very famous for its amazing structures and manufacture things. This product is from the band called Elite Force; those have amazing popularity in this section. In addition, for that reason, users love to use this brand without any hesitation.

Elite Force HK Heckler & Koch G36 C AEG Automatic is the product name, and it is one of their flagship product.

Both automatic and semi-automatic firing system is available in this gun. There is a torque motor also available in this thing. Bodies of this item create a polymer fiber body, and for this reason, it can take any hits very easily.

Another great part of this item it can shoot at least 400 rounds together at once. That is why most users and players love to use this item for advantages.


Authencity: This product has great authenticity, and for that reason users, get a full feel of original guns by using this thing. The firing mode of this product is also great.

Magazine: Magazine of this product is superior in quality, and they can fire almost 400 hundred rounds together at a time.

Body: The body structure of this product is also great, and they are very strong to take any hits very easily.

Durability: The durability of this item is also great, and it can serve its users for a long time.



22*12.3*4.7 inches


7.9 pounds

Item Dimension

1*1*1 inches

Item weight

6.5 pounds


Elite Force

Model Name

HK Heckler & Koch G36 C AEG Automatic 6mm BB Rifle Airsoft Gun










Umarex USA


Competition Series

Included Components

HK Heckler & Koch G36 C AEG Automatic 6mm BB rifle Airsoft Gun, Black, Competition Series


Smooth Bore

Shot Capacity


Front Sight






Right Sight



One Size

Hand Orientation


First Release

May 5, 2012


  • It is a great gun for a long time use.
  • The features of these items are amazing and easy to understand.
  • The body of this item is created with polymer fibre, and for this reason, it is easy to take any hits.
  • Manufactured by a great brand make this item durable.
  • The price of this item is great for all.


  • Difficult to find any cons

Things to consider and avoid

Considerations : As we, all know many facts work behind a gun, whether it is replicas or real. Users need to see many things before buying any gun for their safety and comfort issues. These things are important for guns, and now we will suggest many points, which will be beneficial for our readers. Here they are:

Magazine: At first, users need to check the magazine of the guns for any reason. First, a great magazine will allow users to shoot much better than and longer than others. Therefore, users need to check this thing very carefully.

Durability: Having great durable quality has always been a perfect thing for a product. It is applicable for a gun too. Users need to choose a highly sustainable product for long term use.

Body: The body of the product is also important because sometimes users need to use a whole gun as a weapon. So vital body parts are a good watch out thing for the consumers.

Brand: The brand of the product is also important. Because as we all know, a good brand always provides good qualities into a product. So for that reason, users need to check whether the product is from a great brand or not.

Authenticity: The product's authenticity needs to be checked because there are many master copies available in the market.

Automation: The automation part of this gun is also important because of lots of things. Users need to check whether it is semi-auto or total automatic.

Stock: Users also need to check foldable stock because it is one of the important components of this gun.

Price: In the end-users need to check out the price range of the product for various reasons. First, whether the price is worthy according to qualities or not need to be checked.


Heavy Weight: Users need to avoid heavy weight guns for various reasons. Heavyweight guns are very tough to carry, and they are not comfortable to use. For that, reason users need to avoid these types of guns.

Master copies: Another important thing users need to avoid are master copies of the product. First copy products can give proper performances like original ones. So users need to be very careful about this thing.

Pouch of Air Soft G36

Another important part of the G36 is its pouch. However, it looks like a normal pouch, but there are some differences available between them. Like special pouch of these guns has special part inside the product. They are very strong for use, and the materials of this product are great.

What is the Length of G36 GUNS

The total length of G36 guns is almost twenty inches with amazing stability and aiming conditions. It also contains 8.90 inches of shorts things inside it. It is the perfect size gun that can use in cars or another running vehicle during games.

Which one is best: Gas Airsoft Guns or Electric Airsoft Guns

Many debates are running on this topic whether gas or electric airsoft guns are better. Mainly the reason behind this thing is its accuracy. After lots of researches and experts opinions, we can say that electric airsoft body armor guns are much better because they are automatic and semi-automatic. That is why they can shoot with velocity powers in the right direction.

Is G36 admirable to use

Yes, they are. At first, these guys are running by automated features. Every gun of this is both automated and semi-automated. In addition, they have amazing features in it with great features. So using this kind of gun is perfect for long time using and performances.

 Last Words

At last, we can say that G36 is one of the best airsoft guns available. In this article, we tried to add all the information’s about this gun. Also, add some extra information is related to this topic. We hope that this thing will help our users benefit from this article and work as a future guideline for them. Best Airsoft g36.

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