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It’s no unknown that airsoft guns are accurate and direct replicas of real guns. They are made of a plastic-like material, and the bullets have been replaced by round BBs. Unless no one says or picks it up, anyone can’t tell if an airsoft gun is real.. Best airsoft G36 guns are one of the many which are an accurate replica of the real gun.

Since these are replicas, the entire weapon is made of plastic, but it’s sturdy and durable. All G36 guns perform as well as real guns in airsoft games. In addition, these guns are ideal for military training before holding a real gun.

What is the difference between spring, Gas, and Electric Powered guns?


Spring Powered Airsoft Gun Gas Powered Airsoft Gun Electric Powered Airsoft Gun
>This gun is powered by spring.


> Trigger of this gun gives rough operation compared to other two types.


> Involve the worry of breaking of spring inside the gun.

>No impact of weather on performance


> Good for a short distance and less power.


> Affordable

> The gas-powered airsoft gun is powered by gas


> This one gives smoother trigger operation than a spring-powered gun but rougher than an electric-powered airsoft gun.

> One has to take an eye on gas leaking.


> the performance get impact from weather condition


> Good for semi-distance and semi-power.


> Affordable

> Battery is used to power the electric airsoft gun.


> Compare to the other two types, this one gives the smoothest trigger operation.


> No such worry with this type.

> Bad or good, weather condition does not impact the performance of the gun.


> Good for long-distance and high power.



What is considered to be the best FPS For Airsoft G36?


FPS or feet per second is the measurement term of the gun that determines the speed of the bbs. For the airsoft G36, one cannot just choose any FPS. One has to choose anything between 450 FPS and 550 FPS. This range of fps is considered to be the perfect measure for the airsoft gun.

Is There Any Specific Type of Battery for G36 Airsoft Gun?


Mainly, the industry has three types of battery specified for the airsoft game. Those are,

  • Nickel Cadmium
  • Nikel Metal Hydride
  • Lithium-ion

Among three of the battery for airsoft guns, G36 can use any of them. However, we will recommend the lithium-ion battery. Because of the lightweight and overall high supply of energy, those are perfect for the game. It will not add extra weight but run for a long time.

What are the Things to consider while buying Best Airsoft G36?


Buying the best G36 from the market will not be hard. Because of many available options with great quality and value will make it possible to find the one without doing so much hard work. To help with the situation and make the decision easier, we have listed some of the most features below,


The easiest way to choose the best airsoft G36 gun is to choose the brand first. Because the best brand which is already in the flashlight will not manufacture the badly designed product. This is the safest decision one can make. So before going any further, the first thing one has to do choosing the brand.


The airsoft guns have three options power, spring, gas, and electric. As for the G36 airsoft guns, electric guns are the wisest choice. They will give power, distance, and accuracy at the same time.


Price is a big factor while choosing the G36 airsoft guns. One will find expensive options and affordable options. Here is the place they get confused whether they choose the expensive one or the affordable one. The thing they have to keep in mind is that it does not always reasonable that the pricy one is the best one and the affordable one is not.

Customer Review

Checking the customer review before deciding which product to pick one should read the customer review. This is the most effective way to decide after choosing the brand. On the trusted e-commerce site, buyers always drop the true review.

So, it will be helpful to check if the gun is all okay in every possible way.

Best Airsoft G36


Airsoft is a popular game in the United States. Many people play this game and the airsoft industry that came out of it. These industries manufacture weapons, pistols, BBs, and more. Special care is required when purchasing equipment for airsoft guns. Simple mistakes can cause injuries and ruin the game and the day.

As for the G36 or G36C electric rifle is a product of German Manufacturer Heckler & Koch. This rifle is one of the guns that was used in the war of Germany. This G36 is the mimic of those guns.

However, choosing the best one from so many options is very difficult. That’s why our research team investigated all brands of airsoft and penalized some of the best brands you can trust for money and safety. In this article below, we’ll take a closer look at Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer BB Pistol Airsoft Gun.

Umarex is one of the popular and oldest brands in the airsoft industry. Mainly, this brand is popular for its pistols. The first pistol they brought in the market was the venerable G17. After that, they have manufactured many pistols, and every single of them holds the best quality and performed well till now.

Over time, they have made many revisions to their existing models, and the result was impressive. Every remanufactured design like Gen3 or G17 of Gen 3, is loved by every airsoft player more than ever. Because of the impressive design and smoothest performance.

As for this caliber bb air pistol of this brand, one can have 18 shots with a fully loaded magazine. After the 18 shots, one has to reload the magazine. This one is a gas-powered gun. One has to use CO2 to operate this while providing up to 365 fps in every shot.


Features Details
Manufacturer Umarex
Brand Umarex
Material Plastic
Frame Metal
Color Black
LxWxH 10 x 9 x 3 inches
Weight 1.5 pounds
Round 18
Power Gas
FPS 350


Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
The pistol is made out of high-quality material.


The construction of the pistol is high quality.


Look and sounds exactly like a real one.


One can shoot 18 rounds with a fully loaded magazine.


The magazine is a drop-free magazine.


Lightweight, one will feel comfortable carrying it.


Perfect for army training or other training.

No manufactural defects.



Expectedly one has already gained enough idea or knowledge whatever one says of best airsoft g36. Buying one may seem the hardest thing since it requires quite a healthy amount of money. When one comes to buying guns with enough information, they will not overwhelm by the plethora of options.

Rather they will feel confident to purchase because they already have enough knowledge about what they should do and what they want out of their valuable money. Hopefully, this article is enough to gather information regarding the product.

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