Best Air Soft Pistol Holster

Best Air Soft Pistol Holster

Best Air Soft Pistol Holster , A pistol holster is a special place where users keep their guns for immediate release and use. This thing is normally attached to the waist of players. In addition, users can keep that any place they want. It is a very necessary thing because keeping guns at another place can be found dangerous.

We all know that, at airsoft games, players use the pistol as their weapon. Therefore, they need to keep their alternative or secondary weapon to a place where they can easily replace it. In addition, the holster is that place where they can keep their guns.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best airsoft pistol holster and their details. In addition, we are going to add more information about this thing there.

So let us go to the article and gain knowledge about it.

What is Holster

A holster is a place where we can keep our handguns during games or military activities. It is an important thing for gun users because users can easily keep and remove the gun in any situation by using this thing.

Normally holsters are created with leather items, and there is a button for safety use. Users need to open that thing and pick the gun for further actions.

Holster Retention

If we talk about the holster, there is another important thing we need to know about: the retention of the holster. Without this thing, the holster is useless. So now, we are going to talk in detail about this thing.

Types of Retention

There are various types of retention available, and they all are very important. Here they are:

Retention Holster: A holster featuring features or mechanisms intended to prevent the gun from being withdrawn or recovered by anybody other than the intended use or to prevent the gun from getting free of the holster

Active Retention: Active retention is also important to learn because it will help users save their guns from unwanted attacks. However, users need to be experts in this thing. It is another way of protecting themselves and their guns from sudden attacks.

Passive Retention: In this type of retention, users do not need to do anything. It will be automatically activated. It is both great or and dangerous for the users.

Retention Devices

There are various kinds of retention devices available for users. Here they are:


2.Retention screw

3.Guard Lock

4.Draw stroke

5.Mechanical locks




Materials Used For Creating Holster

There is a common material that is used for creating almost holster, and that is leather. On the other hand, in some products, manufacturers use nylon instead of leather. These are the most used materials for creating holsters.

Types and style

There are various kinds of types and styles available for holsters. They are divided into various sections because of lots of things. We divided these things into two basics. Here are they:

1.At the point of using

2.At the point of Wearing

Point of using

At the point of use, we will find four types from the holster. They are:

1.Duty Holsters

2.Tactical/Military holsters

3.Concealment Holsters

4.Sporting Holsters

Now are going to talk about these four holsters in detail and try to find what this is all about.

1.Duty Holsters: These types of holsters are created for duty issues, and most of the time, law agency members use this type of holsters. With permission, they can use it very openly, and it is the most common type of holster available. It has a very common design and is created with leather, nylon etc. Most of the time, it is attached to the belt or waist.

2.Military Holsters: Military Holster is created with plastic materials. They are different from normal holsters, and they are not as popular as normal people are. This item is very strong but a little slower than duty holsters.

3.Concealment Holsters: Actually, Concealment holsters are different from others. Most of the time, these holsters are set under the clothes of the users. These types of methodology create these holsters. They are very lightweight and easy to use. However, most of the time, this thing is used for personal use and spy activities.

4.Sports Holsters: These kinds of holsters are used in sports activities and for that reason they are very famous in the sports world. Best Air Soft Pistol Holster.

Point of Wearing

There is also another point of view by which users can get different types of holsters. Here they are:

1.BeltHolsters- This kind of holster is normally used by police or military personals. In addition, these kinds of holsters can hide under long shirts or jackets.

2.Waist Holsters- These types of holsters are also used by law agencies, and the difference is that they are always kept hidden. Normally these types of guns are attached to belts or pants.

3.Appendix Holsters- It has magazine carriers added to it, and with very different kinds of designs, this item is a favorite for all.

4.Waist(Below) Holsters- This type of holster can hide under the waistline very comfortably.

5.Shoulder Holsters- Another interesting type of holster is shoulder holsters. These holsters are added at the shoulders of the users. In addition, they have straps for perfect attachment. Users can adjust it in various positions. In addition, they can hide under the jacket or large shirts.

6.Sling Holsters-These holsters are almost similar to shoulder holsters, but they stay at only one place instead of various places.

Other types of holsters are Belly Holsters, Pocket Holsters, Groin Holsters, Thigh Holsters, Chest Holsters etc.

Therefore, we can see there is lots of option available for wearing types of holsters. All of them are very important types of things, and users can use which one they want to use.

Some Best Products for Air Soft Holsters

Here we are going to suggest some best products for airsoft holsters, and here they are;

1.Concealed Carry Holster Metal Clip IWB OWB Holster

2.GHFY Tactical Drop Leg Holster, Thigh Pistol Gun Holster, Right Hand Adjustable

3.ACEXIER Universal Tactical Gun Holster Right Hand Molle Pistol Holster Combat Airsoft Waist Belt Holster

4.VIIDOO Universal Airsoft Pistol Holster Concealed

5.DYJ Tactical Pistol/Gun molle Belt Holster With Magazine pouch for left or right-handed shooters.

6.Liviqily Hidden Carry Weapon Case Metal Clip Holster Belt Airsoft Gun Pistol

7.Vacod Universal Gun Holster For Concealed Carry Inside or Outside.

Suggestions for Choosing Airsoft holsters

There are various kinds of suggestions and considerations available for choosing an Air Soft Holster. Here are they:

Safety: Users need to think about safety before buying airsoft holsters. Because in a holster, users keep their guns. Therefore, if an accident happens, it will be a disaster. Therefore, users need to take care of safety perfectly.

Retention: A retention-oriented holster will prevent a pistol from being taken from the holster by anybody other than the person wearing it. To that purpose, modern duty holsters contain a slew of covert retention systems. Retentive holsters are frequently custom-made for a certain kind of pistol.

Comfort: Comfort level is also important using a holster. Sometimes users need to carry a gun for the longest time. So perfect holsters will keep players cool and flexible.

Concealment: Concealment is very important for users because, for this, opponents and attackers cannot take the gun from users. It hides the gun perfectly.

Durability: Durability of the product is also important, so users need to check the holsters for long-term use.

Adjustability: Adjustability of the holsters is necessary for the users and game for many reasons.

Weight: Users need to check whether the weight of the product is light or not. Because lightweight product creates problem during use.

Price: The price of the holsters is very necessary to watch out for for various reasons.

Is it important to keep a pistol in the holster

It is important to use a holster to keep a pistol because it is a matter of security. Without using this thing, sometimes users can create massive problems and accidents. So using a holster is necessary. There are various types of holsters available, and users can use them as per their choices.

Is a shoulder holster considered an open holster

The answer is yes if other people can see users' guns openly. However, if users can hide their gun under jackets or big shirts, it will not be considered an open holster. However, most of the time, shoulder holster is counted as open holsters.

Is Wearing Holster illegal

Wearing a holster is not illegal until users do not carry unauthorized guns into it. Most of the time, users need to be permitted to use a gun. So if users have permission then it will be legal to use or wear a holster.

Which is the most commonly used holster by cops

There are various kinds of holsters available, and cops use various kinds of these. However, our research found that The Safariland 070 SSIII holster is the most common and popular holster amongst the cop. It is a great product with amazing quality and durability. It is the first choice of the cops from the 1980s, and still, they can easily depend on this thing.

Are there any differences between levels 1,2,3 of Holsters

There are lots of differences available between levels 1,2, and 3 holsters. Level 1 holsters are the primary level of the holster, which is only used for normal cases. Levels 2 and 3 have more security issues. In addition, cops and military personals use level three.

Is it worthy of using holsters

Yes, using holsters is worthy because it keeps users from various kinds of accidents. In addition, these things help to hide the gun from the attackers.

Therefore, we can say that using holsters is worth it.

How Tightly Holsters need to be

It is a very confusing question. Because this thing depends on the user's choice. However, as usual, we can say users can tight it as much as it needs. However, not over-tight will be a good option because it will create during working.

Final Words

In the end, we can say that holsters are an important part of airsoft games and guns. It is a safe product, and users need to use this thing perfectly. In this article, we have tried to add all the information about this product and a list of some products, which will be a good choice for our consumers. Therefore, we hope that this article will satisfy our customers. Best Air Soft Pistol Holster.

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