Airsoft Tac Light Review

Airsoft Tac Light is the most useful equipment in the night track in the game. Also, in hunting, people use this kind of light for light and self-protection. Mainly, the light aims to lighten the front of the person. So that they can watch out for what’s going on in front of them.

However, looking for the right light for the next night's track may not be easy. One will find hundreds of options in the market. Picking the best one from so many options is a tricky task. That’s why one must consider some facts. One can read the article below to know more.

Why People Should Use Airsoft Tac Light?

The first and obvious need of the airsoft tac light is the light. One should use it to lighten the dark area to make sure they are going in the right direction. Cause humans cannot see in the dark and they need light. An airsoft TAC light has enough brightness to lighten the darkest side. Besides, this can be a tool of self-defense against a harmful animal like a snake.

What are the things to consider while buying an Airsoft Tac Light?

The device seems simple, just light but when it comes to airsoft one has to consider so many things. If one just buys the light without considering the back and front of the consequence, they will end up in a bad situation. Imagine roaming around inside a forest without any light. A horrific situation no one would want to experience.

That’s why one must consider some features of the light before deciding to buy it.


Lumen is the unit to measure how visually the light will provide in all directions. The greater the lumen the better light it will provide. If one is looking for a light that will give light as daylight, they better buy a flashlight that hasa higher lumen.


Like the lumen,a candela is a unit that measures how bright the light will be. Lumen and candela havean equal relationship. The bigger the better. For a brighter experience, one must choose a light with high candela like the lumen.


The runtime or lifetime of the flashlight is one of the most significant considerations one has to make. Because if it runs out of power middle of the night, it will create the same misery as one does not have a light. That means having it will not add any value to the situation.

That’s why one must buy a light with great battery power. Also, which is fast rechargeable and runs for at least 12 hours in a fully charged situation.

Light Color

Some of the flashlights produce yellow beams and some of them produce white beams. As for the user, many do not feel comfortable in the yellow beam and some in the white beam. That’s why before buying one must ensure what color beam the light will produce.

Easy to Operate

That’s important when one is using the light in the middle of the jungle or forest. If the light is not easy to operate they will end up in danger while searching the on/off button of the light.

Airsoft Tac Light

A tactical light is the perfect addition one can provide to their airsoft gun. Mainly, for the people who play this game or practice as a military person in the dark. It’s probably 100% true for the military personnel that without a high-quality tac light, the surviving become hard.

So one has to make sure they get the perfect and high-quality tac light for them. Therefore, to help with the situation this article will discuss one of the best lights which are the OLIGHT Odin.

Specifically, this light is designed for Picatinny mounts but one can hold it easily. Also, it provides a mechanical removal for secure operation in all modes.  Besides, it features a magnetic remote pressure switch for locking function for a tight fit in any situation. One can climb, jump, and run by mounting the light. It will not move an inch from its place no matter how bunchy the situation is.

The exterior means the outer frame of the light is made with high quality and heavy-duty metal. As for the light, 2000 lumens will brighten all around the light. With 3000 meters of beam distance, one can see a quiet distance. Regarding the life of the light, it features a 5000mAh rechargeable battery. One can guess how long it will run. One of the lengthy life flashlights the market can offer. In normal mode,it will run at least for 8 hours.













High Performance Neutral White LED





Beam Color


Beam Distance

984 (ft)/300(m)

Charge Type

Magnetic USB Charging Cable

Compatible Batteries

Customized 5000mAh 3.6V Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Mode Operation

Magnetic Tail Switch




216g/ 7.62oz(Including Battery)

Head Diameter

29.0mm / 1.14inch


136.5mm / 5.37inch

Body Diameter

26.6mm / 1.05inch

Pros and Cons



One of the best features is light with Picatinny mountain.

The lumen and beam of the light are more than enough to bright at least 300 meters.

The rechargeable battery of the light will run for quite a long time.

Easy to the mountain and operate.

The magnetic charging cable makes the experience easier.

Ultra solid frame of the light makes it stronger.

No cons this for this amazing light.


Airsoft TAC Light will give the liberty to see properly in the dark. An airsoft flashlight with a decent amount of lumen and candle will not only serve the light but will also save the user in some tricky situations. People also consider this light as a self-defense tool in the forest from harmful animals. This light will not harm the animal but it will fear the animal to run.

However, picking the right one from the ocean of options requires basic knowledge about the product. That’s why this article will help the buyers to make the right choice. 

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