Airsoft Care & Cleaning Review

Best care and cleaning will help the gun operate well. Airsoft guns are a complicated system. One has to make sure that they are operating smoothly, effectively, and perfectly. This will increase the longevity of the product. Otherwise, the system will get stuck, and when one tries to pull the trigger by force, the gun will break. 

However, doing so is a tricky part. One has to know which part of the gun requires which type of care. For the beginner, it becomes trickery. Hopefully, the information below will help.

Is It Possible to Use Oil and Grease in Every Part of the Airsoft Gun for caring the gun?

An airsoft gun holds a complete mechanism inside it. As with the real gun, these mimics also have the same design. Material is different, but the complexity is the same. In this complex mechanism, some of the parts are vulnerable to an oily entity. So one cannot use oil and grease in every part of the gun.

Airsoft Care & Cleaning

One has to keep the maintenance part of the airsoft gun until its last day. Otherwise, it will not have a long lie. Also, the performance in the game will be a disaster. In the process, one has to learn how to take care of the gun and clean it properly. It will help prevent the dirt and dust inside the system of the airsoft gun.


Cleaning the body of the gun is easy. Firstly one has to keep or store the gun inside a box properly. The gun must not get in contact with dust and water. As for cleaning, one can use gun cleaning spray and a soft polyester cloth or simple kitchen tissue.

However, cleaning the barrel of the gun is quite complicated. One has to follow the steps properly.

  • One can thread a strip of the paper towel through the tip of the cleaning rod first.
  • Now, spray a high-quality silicone lubricant onto the strip.
  • In this part, one has to insert the strip part of the rod inside the barrel.
  • Finally, move and rotate the rod carefully and clean the barrel properly.


In order to take care of the airsoft gun, one has to clean the gun from time to time. Also, the maintenance tool of the gun will add more life. One will have to keep the essential tools with their gun for emergency and to take care of the gun from time to time.

Some of the common tools are hex drivers, screwdrivers, nut drivers, hand tools, sharper, knives, and most of all, grease and oil.


With all the above information, one can easily take care of their gun. It is a healthy way to maintain and care the gun. Airsoft guns are an expensive deal. One will not get the opportunity to buy one from time to time.

However, without proper maintenance, the gun will not work the way it should work. That means in every game. They will get the worst performance. Hopefully, one has all the idea to take care of their airsoft gun for the game's sake.

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