7 or 10 Fun Billiards Games

7 or 10 Fun Billiards Games ( Definition And Rules )

7 and 10 ball games are popular in the billiards games. These two games bring fun to the players. Both games play with different quantities of balls. Seven ball billiard games play with 7 balls. Similarly, the ten ball billiard games play with 10 balls. Both the games need one to seven and ten number ball. The orientations of the balls are different from each other. People can get more fun with these games. These games are also quick to finish. Average players also find seven and ten balls games interesting. There are also some different rules and regulations set up for both ball games. Basic things for billiard games are necessary to play seven and ten fun billiards games.

What is The Seven Balls Billiards Game

Seven balls billiard game first commence in the first phase of the 1980s.  At first, William D. Clayton starts seven balls games. Billiard players who are struggling with their games are mostly played this seven balls game. Beginner players can improve their games by playing this.  Some specifics rules and way of play differs this game from others balls billiard game. Seven balls are needed to play this game. This game is so quick. Players can finish these games so quickly.  From number one to seven balls are mandatory. The seventh number ball must be in the middle of the others ball in a rack. Number one ball is kept in front of the ball set. The balls are set through a hexagonal way in the racked.

Rules for Playing 7 Balls Billiard Game

Basics things are necessary to play this game. Two players can play this game. Specific rules are also applied to play this game. These things make seven balls game more fun to play.

Fundamental things of seven balls games: This game is played with seven balls. All the balls are placed in a rack. Players use the cue ball to hit the balls hard. Number one ball is targeted for the first of the play. Most skilled players can finish this game so quickly. Players can send six balls in any other pocket except the seventh number ball. There are also have some fun facts about this game. Like; two different levels of players can play this game in terms of skill. The less skilled player gets the chance to send the seventh number ball in the four holes out of six holes. And the skilled players get the two possible holes. However, both the players get only one side to play the seventh number ball.

Rack of the seven balls: The rack of the seven balls is different from other number balls games. Two mandatory things are necessary to organize the balls in a rack. Number one ball is in the first place of the rack and the seventh number ball is in the middle of the rack. Other balls can keep any other place in the rack.

Break of the seven balls: Players must hit hard to break the balls. One should hit one ball first. If this is not happening, the opposite player will get the chance to hit the rack. If the four balls hit the sides of a billiard table will consider a perfect hit. In the opening break, a player will win if a player sends all the seven balls in pockets without committing any foul. If the fouls happen the opposite player will get the chance to place the cue ball as per the player wish. There is no point in sending the six balls of the games. However, the seventh number ball must be sent into the specific pockets and from the specific side. This was declared before. 

Push out of the seven balls: This will not consider as a foul in the games. Only one push-out is acceptable in the seven balls billiard game. However, the players have to acknowledge the opponent player to about push out shots. Players did this to send the cue ball in an uncomfortable place for the opposite player.

Side of the table: After the opening break, the players select a side that isn't hit the break first.  The heater player will automatically get the opposite side.

Legal shot of the seven balls: A player must hit the number one ball first. They also need to hit the lowest number of balls consecutively. The players must send the ball to their side. If balls are sent to the opposite player's side, this will not count. Players need to call before each shot. If any player can send all the balls to a specific side before the break, he or she will win. There is no need to determine the side.

Frozen in seven balls game: Frozen happens when the target ball is touched with the rail. The others players have to tell about that. There are some interesting things to send the frozen balls in the pocket without any foul.

Pocketed balls: Number one to six balls will be pocket legally or illegally. But the seventh number ball will be spotted if it sends illegally.

Fouls of the seven balls: Foul will consider in the seven ball billiard game due to some specific reason. If a player plays an illegal shot, this will consider as foul. Not only that, there is another reason too. Those are:

Double hit to the balls

Play a push shot during the game.

Send the cue ball in the pocket of the billiard game

Play an illegal jump shot on the board.

If the player feet are not connected with the floor while they are playing shots is also considered a foul in the game. Foul is not good for the game. A player doesn't carry more than three fouls in a match. If this happens, the player will lose. The opposite player also should remind about the fouls.

These are the basic rules for playing the seven balls billiard game. This game is so fast. A professional player can finish the game at the opening break.

What is The Ten Balls Billiards Game

This is like nine balls billiard game. However, this game is far complex than nine balls games. This game is not so easy to play. High skilled players are also facing challenges to play ten balls billiard games. Because of having ten balls in this game, the players face difficulty to send the ball in pockets.  This game is considered one of the modern games in the world. There are also have some different rules and regulations for this game. Ten balls fun billiard game can play with the regular billiard board. Players who are most skillful love this game. Like seven balls games, players need to send the lowest number ball in the pocket.

Rules For Playing 10 Balls Billiard Game

Players have to follow some basics rules to play this 10 balls billiard game. Two players can play this game. People can play this game with teams. Each team consists of two players.

Basics of the ten balls game: This game is not like seven balls billiard game. Players also get a cue ball for hitting the rack. The rack is organized with the lowest number to the highest number of balls consecutively.  Players have to hit the lowest number ball first. Otherwise, the hitting chance will go to the opponent player. After the break of the opening rack, players don't need to follow the numbers to play. Players can be sent any balls off the board. If they failed to send the balls in the pocket, opponents’ players get the chance. However, the position of the players remains the same when the opponents' player has the chance to hit the balls.

Rack of the ten balls: Ten balls are used in the rack. Players rack the balls with a triangle shape. Number one ball is set in the front of the rack. The number ten ball is set in the middle point of the rack. Others balls are set around the number ten balls in the rack. The players have a cue ball to hit the rack.

Who break the rack first:  This is a vital issue of this game. Players take advantage of a coin toss to select the players to break the rack. Other ideas are also working to select.

Break of the ten balls racks: People have to hit hard the rack with the cue ball on the board. The aim is to hit the lowest number of balls first. The players also need to hit the four balls to the rail of the billiard board. Players also save the cue ball from the pocket. If it is going in the pocket, this will consider as foul. The chance of hitting the rack will go to the opponent player. Therefore, if the object ball jumped over the table this is also considered as foul. That time opponent player gets the chance to place the cue ball whatever they want. The player needs to break the rack with so appropriate hit. This will allow them to make their game easy to play. If the first player is failed to hit successfully, the chance goes to the opponent player.

Continuing Play: Players can play their games if any ball goes to the pocket after the opening break. In the ten balls, billiard games players can play the shots until they miss or occur any foul. If the player is sent all the balls into the pocket, the player will win the game. If this is not happening, the opponent player will get the chance to play.

Push out in the ten balls game: Players can push the cue ball in the ten balls billiard game. At first, the player must break the rack legally and without committing any foul. That time, the player will get the chance to send the cue ball to the desired place of the board. Players don't need to hit the object ball and the rail to placing the push out shots. The player has not any chance to commit foul when they play a push shot.

Fouls of the ten balls game: Foul happens for many reasons in the ten balls billiard game. Players are not always having the chance for playing their shorts perfectly in the game. There are some reasons like:

If a player is failed to hit the number one ball of the rack, is considered a foul.

If the pockets of the billiard board do have not any object ball from the rack this is also considered foul.

The foul also happens, if the four balls are not hit the rail of the billiard board.

Apart from these reasons, there are also some other reasons for fouls like sent the cue ball in the pocket, double hit the ball etc.

Players don't get a second chance to hit the balls if the foul happens. The player side is also taken by the opposite players. Like other balls billiard games, three fouls will ruin the game. Players have to play their games carefully without committing fouls. That will reduce the chance of winning as well as hamper the game.

10 balls billiard game is finished, when ten balls are goes in the pocket legally.

Difference Between The 7 Balls and 10 Balls Billiard Game

7 balls billiard game

10 balls billiard game

Plays with seven balls.

Plays with ten balls.

Not so hard to play.

Players face difficulty playing.

Players have to play all the balls consecutively. From lowest number to highest number.

Players don’t need to send the balls in the pocket consecutively.

Players need to send the seventh number ball from the specific side, which is decided by the opponent player.

There is no rule like that in the 10 balls billiard game.

The frozen is considered the foul in the 7 balls billiard game.

Frozen is not considered as foul in the 10 balls billiard game.

There are also has some other minor differences between the seven and ten balls billiard game.

Final words

Seven and ten balls billiards are fun to play with friends and family. Both are the most popular game of billiard. People find them so enjoyable to play. Ten balls billiard games are quite harder than seven balls billiard games. Armature players get fun from the seven balls billiard games most. The ten balls billiard game is much more complex than seven balls billiards game. Skilled players are much comfortable playing the ten balls billiard games. However, both games are capable of giving fun to people.

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